LLM: Our Journey to BC Law

Not everyone has the same journey to law school. In this week’s blog post, hear from LLM student Veronica Mulino about her family’s journey to Boston, and the various hurdles they faced after making the decision to come to the US for school.

My journey in Boston College began in Fall 2018. I was in Boston visiting for the holidays with my family. The last day of our trip, we decided to visit the BC Campus to gather some information on the LLM program for me and my husband.

We arrived at the Law School without any notice or a scheduled appointment, but we were welcomed with open arms by the Office of International Programs. We did a tour of the Law School and then discussed the program details and application. After a day of visiting, BC Law felt just like home. But I knew the process of applying to the program and actually attending was going to present difficulties for us, and at the time it seemed almost impossible. And yet, without knowing what the future was going to hold, my husband and I sent in our applications and were admitted. We were excited, but also worried: making the decision to move to another country together with a one-year old daughter seemed like a major challenge, with many obstacles to overcome.

As time passed and our arrival date got closer, we had to make many arrangements in the Boston area. This included daycare, housing, transportation, and trying to arrange a schedule that would be suitable for our family in order to accomplish our goal. I was very concerned about all this and I was in constant communication with BC Law’s director of international programs, who was so helpful with all our inquiries and solved many of our problems along the way. 

Now, as we move through the spring semester, I can say that we have continued to receive a lot of support as a family throughout our time here. Faculty members have been so patient when I have taken our daughter to office hours with them. They are always giving us recommendations on date night babysitters and family weekend activities! Also, through the Boston College Office of International Students, we have attended different activities together with other students who have families. This really makes us feel like part of the student community.

I can definitely say that nothing could have been possible without the assistance of the amazing people at BC. They helped us with everything we needed to make this dream possible. All these efforts just to have our family be part of the program–I can’t think of any other law school that would have helped us the way BC did. I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone.

BC Law is more than a law school, it is an academic community that gives us the tools not only to learn from the great professors and classes, but from the diversity of the people who surround us in our day-to-day activities. This is really what makes the program so special. BC became part of our family, and will continue as part of our family for the rest of our lives.

Veronica Mulino is an LLM student at BC Law. She can be reached at mulino@bc.edu.

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