“Ideals to Strive Towards”

Law school is tough. At times you may get so wrapped up in the minutia of writing a perfect legal advocacy memo, or you may be pulled in many directions trying to understand the Erie Doctrine, or you may find your eyeglass prescription has changed from all of the endless readings.

1L year moves fast, incredibly fast.

When I first came to BC Law, my favorite question to ask 2Ls and 3Ls was: “what was your release from law school?”

For some, it was binge-watching shows on Netflix. For others it was taking up a new hobby like rock climbing, building a new skillset like cooking, working out, or eating a pound of ice cream. The takeaway was that whatever your release: enjoy it, indulge in it, and let it revive you.

So in a moment when I was stressed out and started to lose sight of why I was in law school, I took a deep breath, put on some Frank Sinatra tunes, and pulled out a canvas and began to paint.

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Things I Wish I Knew, Vol. 7: End senior year on a high note

Dear College Seniors,

Congratulations! The finish line is in sight, you’ve picked up your cap and gown, you’ve probably scheduled or already taken your graduation photos, and all that’s left between you and summer is a bunch of finals. Now, If you’re anything like me, the second you got into BC, the greatest law school on Earth, you were pretty much done with undergrad. At least mentally.

I mean, think about it. As you stand right now, many of you have been going to school non-stop for the past 17 years (and probably even a couple summers here or there, too). You’re tired, and rightly so. You’ve done what you need to do, and likely, your GPA for graduation has already been calculated. What is it going to hurt if you just skate through finals and do the bare minimum?

Well, as it turns out, potentially a lot.

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If You’re Reading This You Should Commit to Boston College Law School

Editor’s Note: Nirav Bhatt is the incoming President of the Boston College Law Students Association. Much like his predecessor, Nirav embodies the very best qualities that BC Law students have to offer. As his classmate, LSA colleague, and intramural basketball teammate, I can personally attest to the ways he pushes those around him to better both themselves and the BC community as a whole. In keeping with the Drake theme of this post’s title, he is and has been Steph Curry with the shot in all conceivable situations. Without further ado or musical references, I am very pleased to present… 

If You’re Reading This You Should Commit to Boston College Law School

by Nirav Bhatt, President, Boston College Law Students Association 2015-16

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Black Lives Don’t Matter

They don’t. That’s the message that plays on a loop against a seemingly never-ending backdrop of killings of unarmed minorities at the hands of those who are sworn to serve and protect society. That’s the message that’s forced a movement around the idea that #BlackLivesMatter. That’s the message that made me wake up in a sweat early this morning.


The only light came from the eerie glow of the crescent moon as I stood in the middle of a wheat field. It was slightly windy, and there was a dilapidated farmhouse about 100 yards in front of me. Around the field and the house were dark, uninviting woods. For no reason, I noticed I was wearing a white t-shirt and black pants. As I walked towards the house, I suddenly realized there were figures approaching me on either side from out of the wooded areas. They were just black silhouettes lit against this breezy field, but I could tell they were wondering what I was doing there, and I, of course, would have no explanation. Continue reading

A Letter to the Class of 2018 from the President of BC’s LSA

Editor’s Note: One of my very favorite parts of attending BC Law is the constant interaction with classmates who push you to be better. They motivate you to set goals that would have seemed unthinkable on the first day of 1L year, and inspire you to exceed even those heightened aspirations. Although she would never admit it herself, Lainey Sullivan is the living, breathing embodiment of this type of BC student. I reached out to Lainey and asked if she had the time to write a brief welcome letter to next year’s incoming students, and what she sent back blew me away. Per usual. Without further ado, I am very pleased to present…

Why I Will Miss BC Law and Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Chance to Be an Eagle

By Lainey Sullivan, President, Boston College Law Students Association

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Watch My Academic Advisor, Ray Madoff, Testify Before Congress on Repeal of Estate Tax

Watch Ray Madoff, my academic advisor and favorite Boston College Law School professor testify in Washington, D.C. before the Congressional Ways and Means Committee on the issue of repealing the nearly century-old Estate Tax. Although Congress is seriously considering the repeal, according to Madoff it would be a mistake, with far-reaching societal costs and negative repercussions.

Professor Madoff testifies in the video below at 10:52, 25:05 and 38:56, and she absolutely “kills it.” ‪#‎IAmBCLaw‬ ‪#‎ProudToBeALegalEagle‬ ‪#‎TrustsAndEstates‬‪ #‎TaxIsSexierThanYouThink‬