Madelon Bird
Class Year: 2021
Hometown: Cos Cob, CT
Undergrad: Hunter College
Areas of Interest: Food Policy; Environmental Law and Land Use 
Favorite Class: Torts



Alexandre Bou-Rhodes
Class Year – 2019
Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Undergrad School – Boston College
Area(s) of Interest –Children’s Law, Public Policy
Favorite Class – Contracts




Erika Craven
Class Year – 2020
Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado
Undergrad School – Hamilton College
Area(s) of Interest – Potentially Intellectual Property Law or Sports and Entertainment Law
Favorite Class – Property with Lyons and Contracts with Hillinger



Brett Gannon
Class Year – 2021
Hometown: Clinton, Massachusetts
Undergrad School – College of the Holy Cross
Area(s) of Interest – Public Defense, Policy
Favorite Class – Civil Procedure




Christina Green
Class Year – 2020
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Undergrad School – Dowling College
Area(s) of Interest – Child Advocacy, Criminal Defense, Civil Rights
Favorite Class – Torts



Jae Lee
Class Year – 2020
Hometown: Boston/Seoul
Undergrad School – UMass Amherst
Area(s) of Interest – Environmental Law, International Law, Journalism Law
Favorite Class – I don’t have one yet!



Irena Maria Maier
Class Year: 2021
Hometown: Walpole, MA
Undergrad: Yale University (2018, B.S. in Psychology)
Areas of Interest: International law, constitutional law, immigration law, environmental law, health law
Favorite Class: Contracts



briannamarshallheadshotBrianna Marshall
Class Year – 2019
Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA
Undergrad School – Bucknell University, Class of 2015
Area(s) of Interest – Intellectual Property
Favorite Class – Contracts with Professor Hillinger




Brendan McKinnon
Class Year: 2019
Hometown: Southington, CT
Undergrad School: US Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2006
Area(s) of Interest: Public Policy/Government, Immigration Law, Criminal Law, National Security Law, Sports Law
Favorite Class: Property with Professor Bilder



nemethmMarcus Nemeth
Class Year – 2019
Hometown – Tarpon Springs, FL
Undergrad School – University of Florida
Areas of Interest – Constitutional Law, Immigration Law, Corporate Law
Favorite Class – Torts





Caroline Reilly
Class Year – 2019
Hometown: Beverly, MA
Undergrad School – Suffolk University, Class of 2015
Area(s) of Interest – Human rights in general, women’s/reproductive rights more specifically, but definitely something in public interest law
Favorite Class – Criminal Law with Professor Cassidy



Courtney Ruggeri
Class Year: 2021
Hometown: McLean, VA
Undergrad: Colgate University
Areas of Interest: Privacy/Technology Law, Public Policy, and Family Law
Favorite Class: Torts with Professor Hashimoto




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