My BC Bucket List

“Wow, this is it,” I thought to myself as I stepped into the Law School for the first time since winter break. “My last semester as a student.”  It’s true: I’m nearing the end of peaceful early morning library sessions, cold call induced anxiety, nights out with ambitious peers, and possibly the end of my time in Boston.

I’m looking forward to a new chapter of personal growth as a “real” adult, but before I move on I want to make the most of my remaining moments at BC Law.  With this in mind, I put together a bucket list for my race to the finish line.

Around Campus


The ski trip has been a highlight of my first two years at BC Law, so one bucket list goal was to make it for a three-peat. In fact, the ski trip was the first time my 1L year where I felt like I had close friends in Boston. The first weekend in February is the ideal time to make the scenic drive up to Killington, VT for some decent East Coast skiing (which says a lot coming from this Colorado girl), cozy cabins, and rowdy nights at none other than the Pickle Barrel and Wobbly Barn.

I’m proud to say that this past weekend, I checked this first item off my bucket list!



The location of the Law School on the Newton campus is wonderful when you want to buckle down and speed-read court opinions, but you can sometimes feel trapped in that “law school bubble.” Luckily, the hustle and bustle of main campus is just a brief bus ride away. One of the best perks of being a student again has been the sporting events. I have only been to a handful of hockey and football games during my time in law school, but joining the spirited BC students’ section makes me feel more connected to the University. Next on my list: cheer our talented athletes to victory at other games this spring.


It is easy to forget just how fortuitous we are to attend law school at BC. When there’s seemingly never enough time in the day to stay on top of your workload, those lunch-time lectures or evening events tend to slip off the docket. Heck, I have even chosen a power-nap in the library a time or two over some of these optional affairs. However, the guests who come to speak at BC (nearly every day of the week!) are some of the most unique, interesting, and impressive leading minds of today. It is such a privilege for students to build careers and gain new perspectives through interactions with these speakers. So, I intend to fill up my free time utilizing these resources while I have the chance.


One of my weaknesses in law school has been to procrastinate asking questions until the end of the semester. Typically, I trick myself into believing that there is “always time for questions later” as I hurry off to yet another commitment. Cue the mad dash to a professor’s office hours just before finals week – my long list of questions trailing behind me and a line of equally frantic students in front of me. While it makes for quite a rush, this method isn’t an efficient use of my own or my professor’s time. Perhaps this is more “New Year’s Resolution” than “Bucket List,” but this semester I aim to make use of our learned professors’ help much earlier. At the very least I’ll avoid the line!

Around Boston


I’ve noticed, during my three years living in Boston, that this city takes their sports (any sport) very seriously. Students have even taken time off of class to catch some of the important moments in Boston sporting history. While I might not be a die-hard fan with my jersey on and face painted, it is always exciting to go to the Boston games live. This final semester in Boston, I aim to score some nose-bleed seats and root for our awesome city.


One thing that makes Boston special is the location. Beachy Cape Cod, historic Salem and scenic natural areas like the Blue Hills Reservation are just a short trip away. I’ve been lucky to find a few hours for some hiking, but I would love to explore some more of these iconic places. Everyone needs a study break here and there. So, why not take one out in nature or on the beach?


Although the winter this year has been mild, the city of Boston has always fulfilled my desire for winter activities. Brutal Boston winters bring festive Christmas markets, cups of hot chocolate overlooking snowy parks, snowshoeing along the Esplanade, and most importantly ice skating outside. For the past three years I have been eyeing the rink and pond at Boston Common. As a (retired) figure skater, nothing could beat an afternoon gliding through some beautiful scenery.


The city of Boston is especially interesting for its history and culture. You can hardly step outside without passing an historic site, a museum or posters for a new ballet or show. I have certainly taken advantage of the free BC student admission at the Museum of Fine Arts, but there are a number of other “touristy” stops around the city I have yet to visit. Completing the Freedom Trail would end my time in Boston on a high note.

What would be on your BC Bucket List?

Erika Craven is a third-year student. She loves to hear from readers: email her at

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