Here Is a Preview of Admitted Students Day

BC Law is hosting its next Admitted Students Day this upcoming Saturday, March 21. ASD is by far the best opportunity to get a feel for what life is like for a BC Law student and what sets the school apart from its peer institutions in the law school community.

Personally, I attended an ASD back in 2013 and made my decision to attend BC before I left the campus. I can even remember some of the specific things I heard that helped make up my mind. If you are on the fence about coming, check out the list of scheduled events so you’ll know exactly what you might miss out on.

BC Law Admitted Students Day, March 21, 2015 – Schedule of Events

  • Check-in (9:00 AM): When you arrive, you’ll be treated to free breakfast and your own personalized name tag. Grab a cup of coffee and get social – the majority of the people you’ll first meet at BC Law will be your potential classmates.
  • Welcome and Introduction to BC Law (9:20 AM): Opening remarks will come from Associate Dean Joseph Liu. You can check out his BC bio here and his Wikipedia page here.
  • Civil Procedure Class (10:00 AM): You’ll get a firsthand experience in a first-year Civ Pro class, Socratic method and all, with Professor Brodin or Professor Spiegel.
  • Teaching and Learning at BC Law – Faculty Panel (11:15 AM): After you’ve experienced a law school class, you’ll get to hear some of the other professors at BC speak about their teaching methods and their relationships with students. When I attended this panel two years ago, BC students in attendance spoke up throughout the panel to underscore the tremendous personal and professional influences that their favorite professors had on their lives. One of the panelists that year turned out to be my first-year Contracts professor, and I have since taken every other class that she teaches at the school. This year’s panelists will be:
  • Lunch (12:15): Faculty members and current BC Law students will be seated alongside prospective students as Dean Vincent Rougeau makes his welcoming remarks. Rumor has it a certain Impact blogger will also be in attendance.
  • Tour of the Law School (1:15): Tours will be led by current BC Law students, so get your questions ready. Many of us used this opportunity to learn the things we really wanted to know about BC when we were choosing between law schools. This year’s tour guides signed up to help prospective students do the same.
  • Career Services and Financial Aid Presentations (2:00): Two concurrent presentations, which will run for about twenty-five minutes each before the presenters switch locations – just sit tight and you will hear both.
  • Student Life Panel (Conversation with Current Students) (3:00): Four current BC Law students will field questions about life at the school, what brought them here, and the opportunities available for BC students outside the classroom. The four panelists will be:
    • Ryan McCaffrey, the student lead on the 1L Bootcamp program.
    • Chris Osnato, the Treasurer of the Law Students Association.
    • Sara Chehrehsa, a 1L LSA Representative.
    • (Last but not least) Charlene Ochogo, my fellow BC Law: Impact blogger! If you’re from out of town, check out her “Things I Wish I Knew” series about moving to Boston.
  • End of Program and Farewell Remarks (3:45 PM): After the close of all scheduled events, Admissions and Financial Aid officers will be available to talk to admitted students. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to meet and ask them whatever is on your mind, as they are all more than happy to answer questions about scholarships and loans.
Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 11.38.52 AM

Here is your pocket-sized ASD schedule

March 21 is BC’s last Admitted Students Day. If you’re considering enrolling here in the fall, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to immerse yourself in the BC Law culture. We can write as much as we want to on this blog, but our words are nothing compared to the experience of stepping on campus and meeting so many of the people who make this such an awesome place to go to law school.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me personally. I hope to meet you this Saturday!

I am currently in my fourth semester at BC Law and my second as a member of the Boston College Law Review. Feel free to contact me with questions about my experience, BC Law, or law school in general. Comment here or send me an e-mail at, and don’t forget to follow the Boston College Law Students Association on Twitter @BCLSA.

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