Jobs That Come From the Least Likely Place

Last week, I landed my first law job. (There’s been a lot of private dance parties, in my room, by myself.) Naturally, I’m incredibly relieved. But my job didn’t come from an internship or even an on-campus interview. My job came from the professor whose Article 2 exam I bombed. True statement. For those still on the fence about BC, and, maybe even at this point, law school generally, read my story.

I did decently in first semester, 1L. Nothing to write home about at all. But just enough to keep me from cashing in on the insurance policy that Admissions offers for a full refund of your first year tuition, should you come to the conclusion that going to law school was actually a horrible idea. So, I hedged my bets and got fancy by taking a class called “Advanced Contracts.”

And for three years after the fact, I had regretted taking that class. Not because it wasn’t incredible: it was. And insanely difficult. That course single-handedly dialed me into what I needed to get better at to right the ship. But with so much riding on your grades, I believed I had really shot myself in the foot with the whole ‘Go Big or Go Home’ attitude. But you fight on, keep a positive attitude, and hope for the best.

Fast forward three years: I’ve worked hard to get better grades, “add value” (as they say), and build out my resume. I had hounded a firm to make sure that an internship would be set up in the spring so that I had an opportunity to prove myself and maybe get hired. I went to all the networking events. Career Services probably screened my calls at some point. Out of the blue, Professor Holleman calls me up and says she needs a part time worker to help consolidate her new company’s contract database. She says there may be something afterwards, but do this well, and maybe we’ll talk.

I worked my butt off.

My official title is now: In-House Corporate Counsel for E Ink Corporation, a privately held company that makes Kindles. We’re diversifying the technology applications.

The point is, you never know where your job is going to come from, but there’s always hope. For me, it was the very place I thought ruined my chances because I just didn’t know how to read a code. (Now I do.) The BC Network is very real. We just take care of our own. It’s also the Disney World of law schools. The next time the school does a promo video, it should really begin with Tinkerbell flying over the campus and making one of those magical arches. Just saying.

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