BC Law Releases Virtual Experiences for Admitted Students

As we remain in our homes for the foreseeable future, we are all altering our perceptions of what is “normal” to acclimate to the current reality. Amid law school selection season, prospective students face a unique challenge—getting a feel for law schools without actually being able to visit.

In response, BC Law recently held its first virtual Admitted Students Day on March 27 and 28. Administration, professors, alumni, and current students all contributed to the content, trying to encapsulate what makes BC Law so special in a series of posted videos and live webinars.

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Here Is a Preview of Admitted Students Day

BC Law is hosting its next Admitted Students Day this upcoming Saturday, March 21. ASD is by far the best opportunity to get a feel for what life is like for a BC Law student and what sets the school apart from its peer institutions in the law school community.

Personally, I attended an ASD back in 2013 and made my decision to attend BC before I left the campus. I can even remember some of the specific things I heard that helped make up my mind. If you are on the fence about coming, check out the list of scheduled events so you’ll know exactly what you might miss out on.

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BC Law moves up to #34 in US News

Yesterday, US News & World Report published the 2016 installment of its annual ranking of top law schools across the United States. BC Law moved up two spots from its 2015 ranking to number 34, putting it into a six-way tie with BYU, Fordham, Indiana, Ohio State and UNC.

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The merits of the methodology used to determine these lists, and indeed the idea of rankings themselves, are always debated. Unsurprisingly, most people tend to favor the lists that rank their schools most highly, especially if the disparities are at all notable. For example, while BC Law moved up to number 34 in the US News, that ranking still falls far below its place on Above the Law‘s listContinue reading