Project Entrepreneur Pitch Sessions

With the end of the semester upon us, my work with the Project Entrepreneur Clinic is wrapping up. For those who don’t know, Project Entrepreneur is focused on helping citizens with criminal records successfully reenter society and supplying them with a general knowledge of business law necessary for them to grow their business ventures. I wrote more about it in an earlier post here.

My peers and I have worked closely with our clients, helping them come up with a business plan for their ideas, researching legal issues that they have or may run into, and most importantly, helping them build confidence in themselves and their ideas.

On November 30, at 6:00 PM in East Wing 120, our entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas. They are looking for support and constructive feedback, in order to take their business ideas to the next level and see them come into fruition. If you cannot attend the event physically, it is possible to attend via Zoom.

Throughout the semester, I have learned so much from the experience and I have grown as a person as well. This clinic has pushed me not only to become a great lawyer, but to also become a better person. I am in constant awe of my client’s determination and drive to go after her dreams. She and the other entrepreneurs continue to impress and inspire me. I promise that if you attend the pitch session, you will be inspired too.

Melissa Gaglia is a third-year student at BC Law. Contact her at

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