Student Org Spotlight: BC Law Republicans

What is your name, year in school, and post-grad plans? 

Allyson Cavaretta, Class of 2023. My post-grad plans include working in the federal government on legal  and policy issues pertaining to national security, compliance, emerging industries and investments.  

Can you give me a quick rundown of what Boston College Law Republicans is all about? 

Boston College Law Republicans provides connections for conservative/libertarian students to engage  with political, legal, and academic leaders and enriches the law school experience with opportunities for  learning and contributing to the public good. 

Why did you choose to lead the BC Law Republicans? 

I am not sure ‘choose’ is the best word. The Boston College Law Republicans were designated ‘inactive’ at the start of my 2L year. Encountering robust and diverse political viewpoints is an important part of  an educational experience, especially for law students. Therefore, it was only natural to reactivate the organization, creating an opportunity not only for Republican students but for all students to explore the  law from a conservative point of view. Leading the organization stems more from contributing to the  Boston College Law community, which is a trait I see in my fellow students and really enjoy. 

What is your favorite BC Law Republicans event?

My favorite part of a BC Law Republicans event is not the theme, but the conversations. BC Law  Republicans rebooted with quite a few events and each of them had great moments. For example, a  note from an alumni delighted that BC Law supports diversity in political viewpoints, especially right  now. Another note followed a BCLR event discussing school funding in the Carson v. Makin case. Months  after the event, a student shared how the dialog enriched the legal understanding of decision, especially for rural areas, and thanked our group for hosting the event. 

What have been some difficulties in leading your organization, and how did you overcome them? 

The law school community benefits from having students explore and experience the law from many  different points of view. An important next step to keep the conversations going is transitioning  leadership and succession planning. I don’t view this as a difficulty but a great opportunity for fellow  students to lead. All that one requires is a plan, persistence, and positivity. 

What have you learned from being a student leader, and do you recommend other law students to  take up that mantle? 

I absolutely encourage fellow Eagles to gain a leadership experience during law school. Leadership takes  practice and adaptability. Starting now gets that first step underway. Leading a student organization  provides great skills development. No one expects perfect – so don’t let that thought stop you from  becoming better by taking on the project or position that stretches you. 

Do you have any members you want to give a shout out to?

My remarkable and outstanding E-board, Anna Fucillo and Mike Kobus. Boston College Law Republicans would not be here and this far without them. And also the students who attend our meetings, socials  and events – I’m thankful for the Eagle community.

Note: Allyson Cavaretta is the immediate past- President of the BC Law Republicans. Current President is Thomas Langer.  To join or learn more about the group please e-mail

Seung Hye (Shang) Yang is a second-year student at BC Law. Contact her at

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