Our Favorite Parts of BC Law

If you talk to most people at BC Law, they’ll agree that it’s a special place. It’s a place where you’ll make lifelong friends, where you’ll be challenged to think by your professors, and a place that allows you to join one of the strongest alumni networks. Looking back on my time at BC over the past few years, I can confidently say that I chose the best law school for me.

But instead of just hearing all of the reasons why I love BC, I thought you’d like to hear from a few 1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls who shared their favorite parts of BC Law:

On 1L Year

My favorite part of 1L has been experiencing the robust sense of community that BC offers. My classmates are collaborative and encouraging. I feel like we have a well-established support system in my section. Everyone is looking out for each other. Study groups are fun and accessible. Most importantly, everyone is friendly and wanting to get to know each other. Upperclassmen are super open to pass down outlines, recommend classes/professors, and share their own experiences. It certainly mitigates some of the stress of school and is not at all the crazy, hyper-competitive setting I was expecting.
Lauren Vineyard, 1L

Getting involved with LAHANAS and BLSA early on has been a highlight of my experience at BC Law this Fall. It’s been nice to interact with such diverse and engaged organizations and, although there’s still a lot to do, it’s reassuring to see all the work being done at BC Law to make the legal field more inclusive.

I also enjoyed participating in the negotiation competition this semester. My partner and I made it to the quarterfinals and we got to meet some highly accomplished attorneys along the way. Most encouraging though was seeing so many alumni, presumably with large workloads waiting for them, taking the time to meet and advise 1Ls just a few weeks into the semester. The level of engagement in the BC Law community has been a highlight of the semester.
Kennedy Ukelegharanya, 1L

My favorite part of BC Law thus far, as odd as it may sound, has been the schedule and my routine. As a 1L, your schedule is made for you. But looking at it, it looks like I made it myself. Tremendous. Morning classes, good balance of in person and remote, commute time in the middle. It works really well and I look forward to my on-campus days and seeing people, as well as the convenience of Zoom on my remote days. The campus is very easy to get to, parking is a breeze, and having had some bad schedules and commutes in the past, a great schedule and an easily-accessible, parking-friendly campus makes life a lot easier.
Thomas Blakely, 1L

I’d say first and foremost that coming from a few years in the professional world where enthusiasm for the work varies, my favorite part of 1L thus far has been being surrounded by a bunch of talented and wholly engaged students.  That kind of energy raises the bar and gets the best from everyone.  I think this collective energy also pays dividends in meeting people, which has been less-than-organic in the times of COVID. We’re all in the same boat, we all want to meet people, and I think my peers have really stepped up from day 1 in finding creative ways to bring everyone together. It’ll be nice to one day toss a general invite and casually meet people at a bar, but until then I think we’ve really risen to the occasion and I’m happy with how it’s panned out.
Ryan Moser, 1L

It’s hard to pick one thing! I know my classmates probably agree that the camaraderie is one of the best qualities here at BC, but I think my favorite part of 1L so far has been working with Career Services to start to get the big picture of my career. I was so lost when I started law school, with no idea what kind of future career or summer job I’d pursue. From the webinars and meetings, I now feel like I’ve been given a roadmap and a support system for my long-term goals, even in a pandemic. 
Emily O’Hara, 1L

I decided to study completely virtual for this semester. Every BC Law professor has done everything they can to make my experience whole, even during some of the most challenging academic circumstances. Contrary to the stereotypical law school movies, my professors are actually very encouraging! I believe this speaks volumes to the character of the BC Law community. 

When I decided to go all virtual, I thought that I may miss out on building connections with my classmates. However, through group chats and zoom meetings, I’ve started a lot of strong relationships with my amazing classmates. I’m not sure if this would be possible in other law school communities. 
Travis Salters, 1L

On Professors and Classes

My favorite part of BC Law is the selection of classes across many areas and interests. Due to the variety of classes to choose from, I felt like I was able to explore my interests fully. This allowed me to figure out whether I want my practice to be in litigation or business. It also allowed me to enjoy learning from the awesome professors. I also loved getting to meet and learn from my peers!
Cassidy Seamon, 3L

Brian Quinn is hands down my favorite professor. He does an amazing job of taking complex theoretical ideas and making them practical with current examples. His classes are hard—but well worth it. You really walk away feeling like you have skills that students at other schools don’t have. He’s also a great person to bounce ideas off of, ask for career advice, or just chat about life.
Mitch Feldman, 3L

It’s too early to commit to naming my favorite second-year course and, comparing Zoom classes with in-person, non-COVID classes isn’t fair. Therefore, Law Practice is my favorite law school course. It was less doctrinal and more hands-on than other 1L courses, which provided a much needed break from casebooks and cold calling. The structure of the course forced you to hone existing skills, as opposed to entirely new ones; everyone knows how to speak and write in law school, but LP helps you do those things better. It prepared me to be successful in my 1L internship and was very much a simulation of what my summer work would be like. Plus, Professor Cohen’s a pro – a real straight shooter who isn’t afraid to give constructive feedback that creates better lawyers.
Ben Ashenburg, 2L

On the BC Law Community

My favorite part about BC Law is that it offers such a supportive community among students and professors. Especially during these crazy times, I feel so fortunate to have professors who genuinely look out for their students and do everything to make sure that we are comfortable with our new normal. I also have really benefited from the BC mentor program. My mentor and her roommate were willing to stay on the phone with me for hours when I was stressed about course registration/going pass fail, and that meant a lot. The community truly is one of the things that I think distinguishes BC from other law schools
Claudia Ajluni, 2L

My favorite part of the BC Law community is working with the Ambassador Program. As Ambassadors, we connect with individuals interested in attending Boston College through providing campus tours, speaking at information sessions, and helping run the Spring Admitted Student Days. It is incredibly rewarding to develop a relationship with admitted students and help them make the choice to join the BC community. Go Eagles!
John Reilly, 2L

My favorite aspect of the BC Law community is how much students care about each other. Even now, clubs and organizations are working hard to safely develop relationships with students. People here want to get to know each other and form strong connections with each other. That fosters a great working environment and meaningful culture.
Charlie Enberg, 2L

My favorite part of BC has been getting involved in extracurriculars. From becoming a TA for Law Practice to leading the student competitions, I’ve been able to get to know a number of faculty members and students who I may not have otherwise met. One involvement that I have especially enjoyed is working with the Career Services Office. Not only have the CSO advisors helped with my career-related questions, but I’ve now built strong relationships with many of them that I know will last beyond graduation.
Sarah Nyaeme, 3L

Last year I emailed Professor Wells to ask if I could miss class in order to make it home to New York before my mom had an emergency surgery. She reached out five times that week to see if my mom was alright. She thought of me frequently, and asked genuinely if she could do anything to help. She squeezed my hand when I saw her, and told me I would get through this. When we say our professors care, we don’t just mean about our performance in the classroom and the legal field. Professor Wells’ kindness spoke volumes to me: Boston College Law School is compassion.

Sabrina Morelli, 2L

Courtney Ruggeri is a third-year student and president of the Impact blog. You can reach her at ruggeric@bc.edu.

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