5 Reasons Why I Chose BC Law

You’ve already decided that law school is your next move. But how do you decide which law school? For me, choosing BC was one of the easiest decisions I ever made. And if you’re wondering why, I’ve summed it up for you in five points:

  • That feeling when…I stepped on campus. I knew BC was where I wanted to go as soon as I drove onto the Newton campus. Even though it was January, and too cold for students to be outside, I could already imagine myself as a student here. It might have helped that I had looked at BC as an undergrad and felt a sense of familiarity, but the law school itself really stood out to me. For starters, I quickly learned that you can get from the library to the cafeteria to admissions without leaving the building during a blizzard!
  • Smiles all around. During my law school search, I went on many tours. For me, this was the best way to get a true feel for the school. At BC, everyone looked genuinely happy. My tour guide was a second-semester 1L and still had time (and energy) to tell me what she loved about BC. And throughout the tour, it was clear to me that others loved BC just as much. After seeing the excitement in the Yellow Room during common lunch and witnessing laughs during a Civil Procedure class, I could not help but want to come here.
  • BC has your back. Your professors, alumni, fellow classmates, mentors, other faculty and staff…everyone at BC is here to support you. The community at BC is truly unique. It’s sometimes hard to recognize this from a quick visit, but within one week of being on campus, 2Ls and 3Ls were offering to share outlines, Career Services was hosting workshops, and my classmates were getting excited for softball. And when finals came around, having a great group of friends made all the difference. We were in it together.
  • Work Hard, Play Hard. Law school definitely isn’t all fun and games. But that’s another reason why I chose BC. I knew the school had top academics that could prepare me for any area of law I wished to pursue. Beyond that, BC’s strong emphasis on experiential learning, even during your 1L year, really stood out to me. Knowing that BC would prepare me to succeed both inside and outside the classroom was a major factor in my decision.
  • Sometimes, you just know. BC had everything I was looking for in a law school. It’s close to a major city, has great placement, and fosters a collaborative learning environment. Choosing a law school is a pretty personal decision, but for me, BC checked all my boxes. And in my gut, I knew it was the perfect place for me.

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Chose BC Law

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