Student Service Trips: Spring Break Update

Each spring, over 60 BC Law students spend their spring break providing pro bono legal services to underrepresented communities and individuals locally and across the country. As a 1L, this was my first experience with a spring break service trip, and I have to say it’s pretty inspiring. BC Law really does have a committed culture of giving back and delivering justice around the world.

This year, 65 students are volunteering at pro bono placements serving:

  • communities in the District of Columbia, Navajo Nation and 10 states, including AL, TX, MD, NY, GA, LA, TN & OK
  • communities in 12 cities from Harlingen, TX to Baltimore, MD
  • 23 organizations, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Navajo Nation, ProBAR, Disability Rights Louisiana, Oxfam America, Volunteer Lawyers Project and Legal Aid of East Tennessee

Here in Montgomery, Alabama, we are spending our spring break working at governmental and nonprofit organizations across the state, and we’re planning on writing more about our experiences when we return. For now, here are some photos from Montgomery of me and my fellow students!

Placements have ranged from traditional government buildings to cozier posts like the Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice, which is working to achieve justice for all Alabamians.

On a six-acre site atop a rise overlooking Montgomery, the awe-inspiring National Memorial for Peace and Justice is the nation’s first memorial dedicated to the legacy of enslaved black people, people terrorized by lynching, African Americans humiliated by racial segregation and Jim Crow, and people of color burdened with contemporary presumptions of guilt and police violence, according to the EJI website.

The group outside the memorial square at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice. From left to right: Back row: Becky Powell, Trenton Bonk, Dan Lucca, Guodong Fu, Julia Varoutsos, Rosie Tootell, Laura Robinson, Ryan Kenney Front row: Devon Sanders, Evelyn Jackson, Hannah Carlson, Fr. Fred Enman

The Bridge Crossing Jubilee march reenactment commemorating the 55th anniversary of Bloody Sunday followed the original route from Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Thousands of people from across Alabama and surrounding states participated in the March.

Some of the group in the dense march crowd.

Following the march, the George Wallace Community College in Selma hosted a presidential candidates forum, featuring U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and other candidates.

A moment of clear weather this week offered a rare opportunity to snap a group picture outside Legal Services Alabama- Birmingham.


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