Hate Law School? Try BC Law

In a recent article by the National Jurist titled “Hate Law School? You’re Not Alone,” a law school graduate delved into tips to avoid the abhorrence many feel for their programs. Citing the grading system, the unequal level of opportunity, and law students themselves, the author argued that few people actually like law school. She offered up some tips to help students who are feeling discouraged, even recommending that if all else fails and if they really hate it that much, students should drop out and save their money.

Reading this article, I couldn’t help but think of another solution—come to BC Law instead.

I speak for many when I say life at BC Law isn’t the agony that this author describes. From day one, BC had provided me with ample opportunity to grow both academically and socially. Beyond the daily rigor of long readings and tough concepts, the faculty here supports students in a way that shows their desire for students to succeed both in and out of the classroom. The daily encouragement and compassion I have received from my instructors is far from the cold-hearted nature of law school that the author illustrates.

In addition to that kind of support from faculty, with plenty of student organizations, social events, and ways to reach out in the community, it’s no wonder BC Law’s little inside joke is that we’re known as the “the Disneyland of law schools.” There are too many events that pique my interest and not enough hours in the day to attend them all.

But perhaps more importantly, rather than factor into any hatred brewing for law school, my peers have made me appreciate it so much more. From suffering through long nights together at the library to taking the weekend to explore the city around us, the people I have met have made my experience more fulfilling. I can honestly say I would not be the student or person I am today without the friends I have made since I began at BC Law.

But don’t take my word for it. Read our Impact student blog. Reach out to current students, and ask them how they feel about their experience. Talk to BC Law alumni. Trust me, you’re going to hear–again and again–about how much they love this school.

For you prospective and admitted students out there, or for current students considering a transfer, here’s the bottom line, in my humble opinion: BC Law’s going to give you a great education and (judging by our employment stats) is going to help you land a great job. But a lot of law schools will give you that.  The real question is, how many of them will make you love getting your JD?

Devon Sanders is a first-year student at BC Law. She loves hearing from readers: email her at sanderdd@bc.edu.

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