Food that Reminds Us of Home–and Where You Get It

In honor of Thanksgiving, we offer our readers a few recommendations for that “home-cooked meal” feeling… 

Everyone has a dish that reminds them of home.

Whether it’s that main course from your favorite local restaurant, the dessert that only your mom can make, or even the dish your state is known for, these dishes have a special place in our hearts—and in our stomachs. They serve as a bridge from our families and friends and our childhoods, to who we are now.

As we enter the chaos that is finals season, that connection has proven to be even more important to me. I found myself yearning for a moment of simplicity, a reminder of the “good ole days” back in Texas where my concerns had nothing to do with outlines or bluebooks. So I did some research and happened upon Blue Ribbon Barbeque in West Newton.

As any Texan will tell you, we take barbeque very seriously. I was originally skeptical of the glowing reviews—one promised Blue Ribbon’s barbeque was the best they had ever eaten, even compared to what you get in the South. However, as I approached the restaurant, a familiar scent began to permeate around me, one of smoky barbeque and sweet cornbread. Yum. I ordered some classic barbeque and sides and took the next hour to savor every bite. I was immediately transported back to my childhood, feeling thousands of miles away from West Newton.

Food carries with it a certain sentimental weight, one that connects all of us to our homes and to each other. I decided to ask some fellow students what foods remind them of home, and where we can all get it around here.

“Crab cakes remind me of Maryland but I haven’t found a place to get them here. Dim sum reminds me of home, and Joyful Garden in Watertown is pretty great.”
Gudong Fu, 1L

“Salmon reminds me of home in Seattle. I haven’t had any salmon in Boston yet, I have had a lobster roll. Is that close enough?”
Jenna Johnson, 1L

“Frank Peppe’s White Clam Pie, born in New Haven, CT is the best pizza in the entire state, even the whole country. He just opened a new location in the Newton Mall, a 10-minute drive from campus.”
Bradley Glennon, 1L

“I am from Atlanta, Georgia. Biscuits and gravy remind me of home, though I don’t know where I could get them here. I don’t think that there would be a place who really does it right to be completely honest.”
Reid Diaz, 1L

“As a native New Yorker, I consider myself a pizza snob. Pinocchio’s Pizza in Cambridge is the closest thing I have found so far, though I am fairly certain nothing will ever really compare.”
Jessica Loiacono, 1L

“I have never found something more “Texas” than breakfast tacos. For some reason they are just better (and bigger) in Texas. I recently went to Pepita Coffee Co. and was actually impressed by the tacos they serve at brunch. Added bonus—the restaurant turns into a brewery at night!”
Connie Lee, 1L

“While some might think Los Angeles is all about kale and avocados, LA has a long history with the doughnut. Not a single street corner goes by where you can’t smell the sweet scent of fried dough. While I don’t think any Boston shop could really compare, Union Square Donuts comes close.”
Lauren Mittman, 1L

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Devon Sanders is a first-year student and new Impact blogger. She can be reached at

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