Meet the Ambassadors: Andrea Clavijo & Lydia Bugli

Boston College Law Ambassadors is a newly launched program designed to enhance the on-campus experience for every prospective student who visits BC Law. The Ambassadors are thirty students who lead campus tours, help out at Admitted Students Day, and serve as a resource for applicants and admitted students who are considering enrolling at BC Law.

In support of this role, each Ambassador will be profiled on the Impact blog over the course of the school year. If you are a prospective student and notice something about any of our Ambassadors that you’d like to discuss with him or her – whether it’s a shared alma mater, an interesting extracurricular, or an appealing summer job – do not hesitate to reach out. After all, that’s what we’re here for!

To begin this series, we start with the two students who developed and kickstarted the Ambassadors program: Andrea Clavijo and Lydia Bugli.

Andrea Clavijo photo AmbassadorsName: Andrea Clavijo

Year: 3L (Class of 2016)

Undergraduate institution: University of Florida, Honors College, Class of 2013

Favorite class: Cyber Law with Professor Lyons

Activities at BC Law:
  • Vice President, Law Students Association
  • Latin American Law Students Association
  • Criminal Procedure Moot Court Team
  • 1L Immigration Spring Break Trip
Summer employment:
  • Telecommunications Management Group, Inc., an international telecom consulting firm in Arlington, VA (2L Summer)
  • Split summer: Middlesex District Attorney’s Office – Appeals and Training Bureau; In-House at National Grid (1L Summer)

What will you do after graduation? I hope to do regulatory, policy and appellate work for a federal agency. My interests lie in telecommunications, First Amendment, and labor law.

Why law school? As a journalism major in college, I took an elective on First Amendment Law and absolutely loved it. Studying the law would allow me to build upon the writing and communication skills I had been developing as a journalist in a very substantive and meaningful way to address our country’s exciting free speech issues. I felt energized by this idea and wasn’t ready to be done being a student.

Why BC Law? I felt instantly comfortable and welcomed at Admitted Students Day, and that feeling has only grown since then. Not only is BC located in the charming, student-filled city of Boston, but it also boasts a loyal alumni network, an impressive spirit of camaraderie, and an excellent training program for breeding thoughtful lawyers. The better question would be, why NOT BC Law?

What most surprised you about BC Law when you got here? I thought law school was supposed to be cut-throat, scary and lonely. That was not the case at all because the people that make up this school share an understanding that there is life beyond the classroom. I go to school with the most intelligent people I’ve ever met, but I often learn more from them in my interactions with them in the hallways and extracurricular activities than I do when they nail cold calls. People here care about making these three years as enjoyable and engaging as possible.

Andrea Clavijo is a 3L at BC Law, a BC Law Ambassador, and the Vice President of the Law Students Association. Feel free to contact her with questions about her experience, BC Law, or law school in general. Comment here or send her an e-mail at

Name: Lydia BugliLyda Bugli photo Ambassadors

Year: 3L (Class of 2016)

Undergraduate institution: Marquette University, Class of 2013, graduated magna cum laude

Favorite class: Legal Reasoning, Research and Writing with Professor Chirba

Activities at BC Law: 
  • Chair of the Admissions Committee, Law Students Association
  • European Law National Moot Court Team
  • Chair of the Grimes Moot Court Competition
  • Boston College Innocence Project Clinic
Summer employment:
  • Summer Associate at Goldman Sachs (2L Summer)
  • Law Clerk at Cetrulo LLP in Boston doing asbestos and insurance litigation (1L Summer)

What will you do after graduation? I will be returning to Goldman Sachs after graduation to work in Private Wealth Management.

Why law school? I have always known I wanted to be a lawyer (after I gave up my dream of being an actress…). In third grade, my teacher told my parents I should be a lawyer because I could “talk anybody into anything.” While that might have been a joke, I actually decided that my interests really did lie in the law and ever since then I have focused my studies on reaching this goal!

Why BC Law? When I visited, I could feel the strength of the community. There wasn’t a competitive stink in the air and that’s something I was really looking for. I felt like I could see myself fitting in here and being friends with the people at BC. Also, coming from a Jesuit undergraduate school, I appreciated BC’s affiliation with the Jesuits.

What most surprised you about BC Law when you got here? The plethora of social activities sponsored by the school to help us remember to take a break from studying from time to time! From Oktoberbest to Bar Reviews to Ski Trips, I was pleasantly surprised that there was so much going on.

Lydia Bugli is a 3L at BC Law, a BC Law Ambassador, and the Chair of the Law Students Association Admissions Committee. Feel free to contact her with questions about her experience, BC Law, or law school in general. Comment here or send her an e-mail at

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