Yes, We Go to School Sponsored Social Events: Halloween Party

Last year Halloween party was at Game On. I remember it as yet another fun night, similar to Boat Cruise, spent dancing and bonding with 1L friends. Halloween Party generally marks the transition from I’m just trying to keep up with my reading to I should start making my outlines. This LSA social event is thus very important. It is what you will look back on fondly when you’re day dreaming in the library in December and wondering if you have had any fun this year. Because of Halloween Party, you can answer your question with a resounding yes!

Another reason Halloween is an important BC law event: it signifies an important friendship milestone. Friends who are comfortable enough to dress up in crazy costumes and dance together, stay together. (Even once your costume changes from scary witch to scary, sleep deprived law student!) This year’s Halloween Party at Wild Rover was another successful event for the LSA special events committee, complete with the Peanuts, Lobsters, The Weeknd, A male Sandy & female Danny, Peter Pan, Ruth Bader Ginspurrg, Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole (Parks & Rec), Bob’s Burgers, Gotham villains, Donald Trump and many more!

Everyone did such an amazing job with their costumes and instagram photos, the Social Media Committee had a difficult task in choosing the winners!

1L Winner: The Royal Tenenbaums
Read on to see who won 1st and 2nd place!

1st Place: The Lannisters

2nd Place: TIE: Willy Wonka & the Oompa Loompas AND Grand Budapest Hotel

Good luck everyone with the coming month and a half. Don’t let finals get you down and continue to make time to spend with friends. Support each other and support yourself, and make time for fun! These are the things that make BC law great (and a much more enjoyable place to study the law than anywhere else).

Keep using the #iambclaw hashtag! And look out for my next blog post about the less fun but equally important law school trend: Study Groups.

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