Transferring to BC Law: “Getting to Legal Eagle”

Don’t be afraid, the grass really is greener. Being the new kid is never easy. It’s especially difficult when you walk into a new law school where everyone has already developed relationships that come along with surviving the grind of 1L.

As soon as I set foot in BC Law, I was embraced by a student body that genuinely wanted me to be here. Within my first week I was assigned a 3L “mentor” (Greg Steiner ’15) to show me the ropes and answer any question I had about the school. The best word of advice from Greg was to join a softball team. He placed me on a team with his friends called “Oliver Wendell Homies.” That was my opportunity to mingle with the 3L’s and get to know the social environment at BC better. IT WAS A BLAST. Like peanut butter and jelly, who doesn’t love softball and beer?


“Oliver Wendell Homies”

From there, it was easier to get involved in other activities, especially with the other transfer students. The other transfers had similar situations with their mentors. We were all getting involved in different activities but still relied on each other while navigating through our first semester. We shared these novel experiences and learned on the fly. We were 1L’s again in terms of the social landscape, but the school offered enough activities and opportunities to get involved. Not to mention the out of school activities like LAW PROM. Yes, imagine prom but you’re over 21.


Law Prom- “Who doesn’t love photo booth?”

By the spring, I had seamlessly transitioned into just being another student. My fellow transfers and I joined a softball team that traveled to Virginia for the annual “UVA Softball Tournament.” This tournament brings together law schools from all over the country to play a weekend of softball and enjoy a few nights of partying. The annual event is a great tradition that I was fortunate to be a part of. In that weekend alone I was able to connect with a lot more students, not only at BC but at other schools as well.


“UVA Softball Tournament”

To the untrained eye these activities may seem trivial, but the realities of the legal field reminds us that networking is key, and that begins with getting to know your classmates. With the support of my mentor, fellow transfers, and new friends, I was able to escape the self-imposed identity of being an “outsider.” I am a BC Law student, and proud of it.


Marx Calderon is a 3L at BC Law. He is also a current member of the Latin American Law Students Association and the Law Students Association Social Media & Communications Committee. Feel free to contact him with questions about his experience, BC Law, or law school in general. Comment here or send him an e-mail at

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