Yes, We Go to School Sponsored Social Events: Boat Cruise

When I was researching where to go to law school, many online resources referred to Boston College Law School as the “Disney World of Law Schools.” What does that mean? I remember thinking. In general, BC Law was known (in the cyber world at least) for having students who are nice to each other. I figured, if it’s the Disney World of Law Schools, maybe it will be kind of… fun?

To my elation, the analogy is apt. BC Law is fun. One of my favorite parts of BC from the beginning has been that the School, usually through the Law Students Association, throws social events. And, more importantly, people actually go to them.

1L: Boat Cruise 2014

I was having a conversation with a fellow 2L last week. “I was talking to some of the 1Ls and they asked, what’s the big deal with this Boat Cruise? Do people actually go to that? And I said: Yes! Everyone goes.” The line for tickets on the last day was at least 50 people long.

Fast forward to Saturday: a three story boat, the Boston skyline at night, chicken fingers, a cash bar, glow sticks, a DJ and all of your law school classmates. And don’t forget the Whip / Nae Nae dance contest (winner: Jacob Carvalho, 2L, Section 3 alum, first cold call of law school). It was a night spent bonding with friends, making new ones, and dancing off all of the nervous energy of the school week.


Thank you, LSA Special Events Committee!

If you missed it, don’t worry. We will all see you at the next Bar Review (very conveniently named for telling your parents what you’re up to on a Thursday) or LSA Halloween Party (yes, we dress up).

Remember High School and College when school sponsored social events were kind of lame and no one went to them? That is not the case at BC Law. We’re way too cool now to pass up a good time.

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