It’s All About Perspective

So…I’m not a Patriots fan.  Sorry!  That being said, I really really enjoyed Rob’s recent post about persistence and motivation.  I think it’s great advice and generally reminds us all that we need things in our lives to help us maintain perspective and keep us grounded.  It’s easy to lose yourself in studying and legal textbooks, but being well-rounded is about more than trying to get an A at the end of the semester.  I’d like to highlight some advice from the BC Law Impact group about perspective:

[The Spring Break Service Trip] was my first opportunity to do legal work since entering law school, and it was so rewarding to be able to help people! – Lucia

I realized that the ‘racial justice’ that was an ‘area of interest’ for me was a matter of life or death, of resisting daily disrespect, for other people. Real people, standing in front of me.  – Amelia

All of this is just a long way of saying the following: I was wrong. I definitely spent a good chunk of my 1L year clinging to the library for dear life, but my law school experience has become so much broader than the reading I’m assigned. – Elizabeth

My time away from my classes and my assignments is what motivates me to put forth my best effort when I am doing my work.  – Rob

I’ve never heard stories from my friends at other Boston J.D. programs about going fishing with their Intellectual Property professor or of grabbing a beer after the Thanksgiving holiday because the professor wanted to say goodbye before leaving on a semester long sabbatical in Brazil. – Mike

I’m a 3L at BC Law and I’m working at an externship in downtown Boston this semester through the school’s Semester in Practice: Public Interest program.  I’ll be blogging about externship opportunities and life in the BC Law community.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments here or at

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