Better Love It, and at BC, I know I do…

When you pick a law school, one of the biggest things you have to recognize is that this is the place where you are going to spend three years of your life. For most, that’s a third of your twenties, and almost as long as college. You better love where you go to school (I know I do). The thing that has made law school for me is the faculty.

The faculty at BC Law are nothing short of incredible. Of course they are leaders in their fields. Of course they are legal pioneers. This is BC, remember? But what truly sets these doctors of law apart is just how dedicated they are to their students. It’s almost scary how much they are willing to do for us.

I am the research assistant to Professor Zygmunt Plater. “Zyg” hired me pretty much after our first Property class together. I’d be willing to take the stand and testify that I have never met a more generous, capable, and energetic man as he is. Zyg’s cell phone is always on, and when a student calls, he always answers. Always. I’ve called him at 11 P.M. from Anchorage, Alaska when a huge student project was due the next day. Zyg got out of bed, jumped on his computer, and was instrumental in helping us solve the problem we were facing at the time. This is the same man who took point during the Exxon-Valdez crisis.

This type of student-teacher relationship isn’t typical at other law schools. I’ve never heard stories from my friends at other Boston J.D. programs about going fishing with their Intellectual Property professor or of grabbing a beer after the Thanksgiving holiday because the professor wanted to say goodbye before leaving on a semester long sabbatical in Brazil. It is typical at BC Law though.

The Road Not Taken is oft-quoted, perhaps too much, but rather than looking back at your time in law school and forcing yourself to believe that you took ‘the road less traveled,’ if you’re really looking for something that will set BC Law apart from the rest of the pack, it’s the faculty. Trust me. I took this road, and it has made all the difference.

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