Life at BC Law: At Home in Cleveland Circle

When I was looking at law schools a few years ago one of the thing I wondered about the most was what day to day life would be like at the different schools I was was considering. I couldn’t be happier that I ended up at BC, and after two and a half years here Boston is really starting to feel like home. Part of what makes the BC experience so enjoyable is the community here and  the opportunity to explore Boston with classmates. I’ll be writing about student life in general, including a variety of favorite activities in and around Boston. To start out with here is a little run down of favorite BC Law spots in Cleveland Circle.

Cleveland Circle is where a majority of BC Law students end up living, and it is perfectly situated between school and jobs downtown. I love living here because I feel like all of my friends are only a five minute walk away, which comes in handy when you need to catch a ride to school!

The Reservoir

The reservoir is one of my favorite parts about living in Cleveland Circle. In between Cleveland Circle itself and BC’s main campus is an old reservoir that the city turned into a park. The mile and a half loop is perfect for jogging in good weather and the views of the main campus and downtown Boston can’t be beat. When I need some exercise or just a little relaxation time the reservoir is my favorite place to go.



Reilly Rink and Pool

Right next to the reservoir (and across from Cityside) is the Reilly recreation complex. During the summer months there is a free public pool where you can catch a few rays and read a good book, and during the winter there is a free public skating rink, with skate rentals for only five dollars. It’s a fun place to go with friends when you have a low-key weekend and are looking for something to do.

A view of the Reilly Rink from the reservoir

A view of the Reilly Rink from the reservoir


When I moved to Boston a friend in another BC graduate program warned me that I would develop a love/ hate relationship with Cityside and she was spot-on. Right in the middle of Cleveland Circle Cityside can be hard to avoid- for better or worse. It can be great to grab a drink, watch a game, or play some trivia, but you have to be careful not to find yourself suddenly surrounded by under-grads who have graduated from the underage hot-spot Mary Ann’s.

Cityside on a recent snowy night

Cityside on a recent snowy night


Pinos Pizza and Eagle’s Deli

The family that owns these side-by-side restaurants is responsible for both my late night indulgences and early (or not so early) recovery brunches. The endearingly grumpy old men at Pinos seem like they’ve been there forever, and working on hard on their pizza recipe the entire time. Don’t expect anything fancy, but the pepperoni pizza and chicken parm sub are hard to beat. Eagle’s likewise dishes out classic diner fare such as the cowboy burger and the breakfast combo that will keep you full as you hit the books- or your netflix queue.


A friend of mine enjoying dogsitting while we enjoy the sun in Cleveland Circle.

A friend of mine dogsitting while we enjoy the sun in Cleveland Circle.


Some friends  out and about in Cleveland Circle enjoying the blizzard we had during my 1L year.

I am a 3L here at BC Law, as well as being in my final year of a Masters in Higher Education. If you are thinking about coming by BC for a tour you’ll probably see me at my job in the Admissions Office. I’ll be posting every week about an aspect of life as a student at BC Law. If you have any questions comment here and I’ll answer for everyone! 

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