A Welcomed Déjà Vu

“No single event can awaken within us a stranger whose existence we had never suspected. To live is to be slowly born.” — Antoine de Saint Exupéry

It started with an itch. From the tips of my toes, up the small of my back; it danced on my shoulders before taking root in my heart. And there it stayed, impatiently waiting. I can still remember that day, sitting at the office: apartment lettings and advertisements on my left screen, the name of a UK partner of my firm on the right.

The caret cursor bounced tauntingly in the message box, his address already entered into the appropriate field. To this day I’m not sure where I muddled up the gall. Minutes later I realized I’d sent him a meeting request. Two days later I applied to BC Law’s Global Practice Program. A week later I was suddenly booked on a January flight from JFK to London, Heathrow. I was headed abroad, once more…

Screenshot 2015-01-20 at 2.07.29 PM

Many of you are just beginning your law school journey. Be it as prospective or admitted students; you’ve begun a search, a quest of sorts. It is my sincere hope that these posts might demonstrate to each of you that choosing BC Law as your guide through that journey is not simply a wise choice, but the best choice.

Throughout your time in law school you’ll have plenty of ups and downs; plenty of directional changes, and very little time for which to consider them all. Under the proper guidance you’ll survive, as we all do. Under BC Law guidance however, you won’t just survive those twists and turns, you’ll thrive off them, learn to seize them. You will welcome the fork that forces you to choose, and you’ll marvel at all BC Law has to offer regardless of what your legal career may throw at you.

Screenshot 2015-01-20 at 2.10.04 PM

I came to law school believing I’d leave a powerful litigator. An advocate. A court dweller. A defender’s worst nightmare. After walking across that stage this May, I’ll join a globally integrated team of corporate tax attorneys leading the charge on entity reformation and business restructuring worldwide. Go figure.

Yet through each and every turn, each change of heart, each new opportunity presented: BC Law was there to counsel and guide me. And here I sit, coffee in hand at a quaint pub in London, finishing my degree with one of our international partner-universities, and getting a jumpstart on my career with my firm’s UK entity, headquartered on the gorgeous Strand.


I am not the exception to the rule. I don’t even sit in the top 50% of my class. I am resourceful and outspoken, with one heck of an administration by my side to guide me, train me, mature me, and grow me, both as a lawyer and human being.

I am BC Law. Hopefully, you will be too.

Love from London,


Keep it here to learn more about BC Law’s Global Practice Program, available in London, UK and Paris, France. I’ll be posting weekly about my experiences in London, both in class and at the firm. Questions about my experience, BC Law, or law school in general are more than welcome. Comment here or feel free to send me an e-mail at quattrod@bc.edu

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