A Semester in a Shrinking World: Jumping Borders

The world is shrinking. For me, it started shrinking the day I stuck one of those free AOL floppy disks into my computer. Instantly (sort of), I was connected to the World Wide Web and debating the latest episode of Doug with a kid named “PorkChop69” living halfway across the country. It was the beginning of a life without borders.


Porkchop, the World’s Greatest Dog with the World’s Coolest Doghouse.

Fast forward to 1L year at BC Law, when I took an elective course called Globalization. There, I learned that the legal field is perhaps the most crucial player in our increasingly global world, whether from the perspective of international relations, corporate law, environmental law, immigration law, or human rights law. As our artificial borders continue to dissolve, it’s the lawyers who write the rules.

When the first-ever BC Law Paris Exchange/Summer Externship program was announced at the beginning of my 2L year, I jumped at the opportunity to experience the world of international law for myself. Continue reading

Life Behind the Firewall

“Welcome to the Firewall,” Yaxin said with a grin as she tapped her card to the clear, glass door of the fifth floor’s southwest corridor. I couldn’t help but grin too. Two clicks sounded as she reached out, grabbed the door handle and pulled it towards her. “Are you ready?” she asked, looking back at me. I was still in awe. I nodded and walked forward, calm and poised on the outside, but bursting with excitement on the inside.


PwC Legal LLP is a member of the PwC international network of firms. As a firm, it’s able to provide clients with integrated legal advice on complex commercial projects requiring a range of complementary specialists from other parts of the PwC network. They also offer clients general counsel service and access to a highly impressive and extensive global network, including locally qualified, jurisdiction-specific, bar admitted legal expertise worldwide.

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A Welcomed Déjà Vu

“No single event can awaken within us a stranger whose existence we had never suspected. To live is to be slowly born.” — Antoine de Saint Exupéry

It started with an itch. From the tips of my toes, up the small of my back; it danced on my shoulders before taking root in my heart. And there it stayed, impatiently waiting. I can still remember that day, sitting at the office: apartment lettings and advertisements on my left screen, the name of a UK partner of my firm on the right.

The caret cursor bounced tauntingly in the message box, his address already entered into the appropriate field. To this day I’m not sure where I muddled up the gall. Minutes later I realized I’d sent him a meeting request. Two days later I applied to BC Law’s Global Practice Program. A week later I was suddenly booked on a January flight from JFK to London, Heathrow. I was headed abroad, once more…

Screenshot 2015-01-20 at 2.07.29 PM

Many of you are just beginning your law school journey. Be it as prospective or admitted students; you’ve begun a search, a quest of sorts. It is my sincere hope that these posts might demonstrate to each of you that choosing BC Law as your guide through that journey is not simply a wise choice, but the best choice.

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