“Food” Fuel For Finals

Note: watch this space for more from the contributors of BC Law: Impact in the coming weeks!  Here is a preview of some of the commentary we’ll have here:

Coffee and candy. Two things I absolutely must have during finals. Luckily the Law Library supplies us with an endless supply of candy (and Whoppers, which really isn’t candy) at the front desk, and the cafeteria gives us free coffee.

The trick is not finishing either of these two things before you leave the library or dining hall (it’s really impossible, though).  Sometimes you just have to be a little clever…

All I wanted was a Venti.

All I wanted was a Venti.


I think the coffee may technically be for the undergrads, as it doesn’t actually appear until it’s time for their finals. But really, freshmen are way too young to be drinking coffee, and c’mon, let’s be real…what finals??

Anyway, as any true blue BC Law student will tell you, the trick is to get a free meal from the undergrads – who seem to always have more money on their food-Eagle-meal-plan-thingy than they can spend (and it doesn’t rollover). Look dejected, broken down, world weary, carry a law book or two, and take out cash to pay for your meal and you’ll definitely be on the radar for a freshman paying for your meal in line. Basically: just be yourself during finals. You’re welcome.

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