Finally Finished Finals!!

This is the face of unbridled joy.

This is the face of unbridled joy.

I promise I’ll stop with the alliterative “F” titles. It’s nice to be able to put another semester in the books, and spend some quality time with family and friends back home! It’s always surprising how fast the semester ends, and also how much you’re able to learn in 13 weeks. Learning is the fun part, and preparing for The Law School Exam is…well, the non-fun part. It’s important to realize that exam season is a marathon, not a sprint, and even though you don’t get a cool medal, it’s such a great feeling to cross the finish line and know that you’ve put your all into it.

If you had a slate of classes like I did, your exam prep probably looked like this…at a minimum:

Finals Prep


Like I said before – learning is the fun part. One of the best parts of Con Law II was being involved in debates about equal protection and what it actually means to be equal. It was really cool to hear what my classmates thought about issues they felt strongly about. Also, we watched the Eyes on The Prize documentary, which is simply fantastic. I enjoyed Corporations anytime we talked about issues-of-the-day (like Alibaba’s IPO or anything Carl Icahn does) and looped them back into the nuts and bolts of corporate law. In Admin Law I got to really get an in-depth understanding of how an agency exists and where it gets its powers. I really think every student really should take Admin and Corporations before they graduate! Every class in Professional Responsibility was an opportunity to candidly talk about ethics dilemmas faced by lawyers every day, with my favorite being the day we had a visit from Terry Hake, a lawyer who went undercover to stop systemic corruption in the legal system in Chicago.

It’s been a great semester, and I look forward to another fantastic one after the break. In the meantime it’s Netflix-family-friends-eating-relaxing season – Enjoy your holidays!!

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