Alumni Spotlight: Venus Chui

The BC Law Impact blog is running a special series of alumni interviews featuring former Impact bloggers. Catch them all here.

What are you doing now? / What was your path to your current position?

After graduating from BC Law in 2018, I began working at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, NY as an Assistant District Attorney. I worked there for about four years until mid-2022, when my husband, son, and I moved to Japan. I am currently learning Japanese and volunteering with a church, in hopes of eventually using my legal education and experience in Japan.

Something you wish you did while at BC?

I wish that I spent more time asking questions and getting to know my professors during office hours!

Favorite thing you did? And/or, what did you do at BC that is most useful to you now?

One of my favorite parts of my time at BC Law was being part of the BC Defenders clinic. It expanded my understanding of the criminal justice system, increased my empathy toward the accused, and helped me better communicate with defense attorneys once I became a prosecutor. 

Who was the most valuable faculty member to you, and why? (Could also be favorite class and why)

I would have to choose two favorite professors: Professor Lyons and Professor Cassidy. They taught with expertise and clarity, their classes were organized and engaging, and they were both incredibly kind and approachable. I especially enjoyed Property with Professor Lyons and Evidence with Professor Cassidy.

Favorite study spot on campus?

The Yellow Room, especially on a sunny day – it felt brighter and less lonely than the library!

Favorite study break activity?

Taking a walk to Newton Centre and grabbing coffee or lunch with friends.

Best piece of advice for current students?

Discover what you’re interested in and don’t feel pressured to pursue a particular career path just because others are doing it!

Venus Chui is a 2018 graduate and former Impact blogger. Read all her posts here.

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