Dancing the Night Away at Barrister’s Ball

Barrister’s Ball is one for the books, and I’m not talking about casebooks. Informally known as “law prom,” Barrister’s Ball is a night where everyone gets dressed to the nines and dances away the stresses of law school. This year, it was hosted at the Museum of Science. It was such a fun venue. Dinosaurs photobombed pictures, lightning (safely) struck two of our classmates, and we danced under Mars.  

As a 3L, I felt sentimental about the night. This was one of the last times I would be with everyone before graduating and leaving Boston College. It made me feel like a senior in high school all over again. The anticipation building up to this event was full of excitement and glee: picking out an outfit, getting ready, and asking someone to prom. It all felt juvenile, but in the very best way.  Now, even though “law prom” is over, that sentimental feeling remains.

I know when I look back on my time at BC Law, I am going to remember the nights where I danced with my friends and the laughs I shared between classes in the halls, not what grade I got on a memo. So my advice to current and incoming students is to focus on academics (of course), but remember to have a social life too.

There aren’t too many times–especially in the legal field–when you can dance with your classmates next to a T-Rex. 

Melissa Gaglia is a third-year student at BC Law. Contact her at gagliam@bc.edu.

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