BC, I Still Love You. 

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I am a transfer student,
But everyone forgets that I'm new.

Since it is Valentine’s Day, it is only fitting I declare my love for my valentine, BC Law.  It’s been 170 days since my return, and I have yet to regret my decision of transferring. Like any great love story, it has not been entirely smooth sailing. I’ve had my moments where I experienced imposter syndrome, have been stressed out studying for finals, and pulled all-nighters to ensure I submit assignments on time. I’ve also had my share of new friendships, intramural softball wins, dance parties, and moments where I was smiling so hard my face started to hurt.

In the middle of my first semester, I expressed some self-doubt I was dealing with to my Labor Law professor, Thomas Kohler. After being fully remote for my 1L year, I was already adjusting to BC Law life, and the in-person aspect was just another layer of adjustment. Professor Kohler assured me that I was admitted to BC for a reason and that reason was not because they were pitying me; it was because I am smart and capable. This equipped me with the academic confidence I was lacking in myself.   

While I reflect back on the past six months at BC Law, I am not only proud of my academic success but more importantly of the relationships I have fostered. I can confidently say that in such a short amount of time I have made forever friends. A lot of the time my peers will reminisce about their 1L year, forgetting I wasn’t here for it. Some even joke that I know more people in the school than they do, even though they’ve been here longer. These are the moments and affirmations that validate my choice to transfer here.  

Unlike the majority of my classmates, my law school experience has not been a traditional one. However, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Whether you’re thinking about transferring, in your last semester of your law school career, or just started studying for the LSAT, I hope you fall in love with your law school like I did with BC.

Melissa Gaglia is a second-year (and transfer) student at BC Law. Contact her at gagliam@bc.edu.

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