The 2021 ‘Best of BC Law Impact’ List

Goodbye, 2021! With the fall semester done and gone and as we say our farewells to the remainder of the year I can’t help but look back on 2021. To the 1Ls completing their first semester, the 2Ls facing their first in-person classes and finals, and the 3Ls just trying to make it through these final few months, it has certainly been a year to remember.

Here are a few highlights our favorite 2021 Impact blog posts:

We documented many first for students—including the first day at BC Law, the first cold call, and the first time being on campus full-time.

We delved into the personal stories and lives of some of our students, covering hardship, loss, and backgrounds that inspired students to take on a career in law.

We discussed real issues and illustrated how they have shaped both the legal profession, student’s personally, and our world as a whole. We also analyzed our own role in addressing the need for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Finally, we both questioned and critiqued law school, both playfully and earnestly separating fact from fiction and giving readers an idea of what BC Law is really all about.

We hope you enjoyed reading our stories and our posts as much as we enjoyed writing them. Make sure to subscribe to our blog and get ready for more riveting posts in 2022. Until then, we hope you all continue to have a terrific holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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