Take a Break from Studying: The Pets of BC Law

Tucker Phillay Salters: Travis’s 2.5 year-old Best Friend

Lily: Hanna Um’s 12 year-old Maltese

Ham: Lauren Vineyard’s 5 month-old Kitten

Princess Francesca (aka Frankie) and Simon: Audrey Conrad’s Kittens

Sully: Ryan Mulligan’s Dog who doesn’t like Subject Matter Jurisdiction

Mimi: Seung Hye Yang’s 8 year-old dog from Korea

Maisie: Jamie Ehrlich’s Shitzu Mix

Tank: Anna Fucillo’s Pup from Alabama

Muffin: Kevin Corkran’s Kitten from Florida

Major: Camden Fuller’s Great Pyrenees and Terrier Mix

Toulouse: Emily Parks’s Kitten who Loves Wine Corks

Cloud: Varun Upneja’s “Guard Dog”

Thanos: Nicolette Gregor‘s Happy Dog

Kiwi: Nicolette Gregor‘s Boss of the House

Peaches: Nicolette Gregor‘s “Floofy, Spoiled Princess”

Nieve: Christine Kalpin’s 4 year-old from North Carolina

Billie Calico: Justin Zamora’s Kitten, Poet Laureate

Moose: Jess Koziol’s 6 year-old, Hardworking Dog

Katerina: Madison Eltrich’s Rare Keetso Kitten

George: Emma Siegenberg‘s Dog, who Loves Napping

Killua: Natalia Birriel’s Purralegal

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