365 of 1L: A Word On Mentors

This year, we are taking you through the biggest moments of the 1L year. The ups, the downs, and everything in between, keep checking back for the inside scoop on important events and milestones from our students.

Maybe it’s just that time of the year, but it seems like every day is getting a little bit busier at BC Law. As reading assignments seem to grow longer and longer, and due dates become closer and closer, I cannot help but feel the need to reach out to those who have been through the trials and tribulations of their first year of law school.

Lucky for us 1Ls, we have a lot of advice available to us. At the beginning of the year, LSA matched every new student with an upperclassman who helped welcome us to the school and shared their tips and tricks. Classes, moving, and just life in general, our mentors gave advice on it all. Throughout the first couple of weeks, many organizations that we had joined also began pairing us up with older members, specifically matching us with those who had similar interests. The result? A plethora of mentors to choose from, all knowing exactly what we are going through and who were eager to help.

I decided to ask around for the best advice mentors have given. Maybe it will help you too.

 “Best piece was that I shouldn’t be freaking out about never having time for anything but school and that after the first few weeks it starts to get easier. Also, not to grind myself into the ground in those weeks or however long it is that I’m getting used to the way we should do things.”
— James Hendren

“I met mine in the middle of midterms. At this point, I was feeling a little lonely and lost so meeting her at the time I did was perfect. She just really assured me that everything would be okay. I know everyone says that, but it just meant more coming from her.”
–Roma Gujarathi

 “I think the main thing was just to try not to get swept up in all the anxiety around you. You will start getting bombarded with advice from upperclassmen and professors, which can be overwhelming. Just take everything with a grain of salt and keep in mind that there are a lot of different ways to do law school successfully.”
— Alex Briody

“My mentor helped me acclimate to 1L life and calmed my nerves about the daily stresses and cold calls. It’s great to know I have a resource in the 2L class if I need one.” 
–Sydney Redmond

“My mentor told me to get involved in things you wouldn’t normally. Get out of your comfort zone. Law school is about trying new things and growing as a person.”
–Hannah Carlson

“We spoke briefly, but he did give me the quick and dirty on my first year of law school.”
–Daniel Riley

“He went to the same undergrad as me so he understood the frame of reference for academia. He knows where I am coming from and empathetically helps me work through my problems. He just gets it.”
–Elizabeth Gooen


Stay tuned for more in our 365 of 1L series!

Devon Sanders is a 1L student and a new Impact blogger. She welcomes questions at sanderdd@bc.edu.

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