Here’s Why I Wouldn’t Go to Law School Anywhere Else

I’m very pleased to host a guest blog today from 2L Vaishali Goyal. Vaishali has been a staff writer for the Law Review and served as President of the American Constitution Society. She can be reached at

Like many, I decided to attend BC Law for the community. But it was not just the student community I came for; I came to BC Law because of what BC did for me and for my family during my senior year of college.

Senior year, right after spring break, I had an unexpected and life threatening brain bleed. I was in the hospital for a month and a half.

While my parents took care of me, the BC administration took care of my parents who flew in from Florida and India. They housed and transported them to and from the hospital for the entire month and a half. With a single income household, that help was instrumental to their ability to be there for me when I needed them most.

When I was released, the doctors told me they were uncertain if I could still achieve all my goals, but that didn’t stop me. Not only did I go back to undergrad after four months to re-do my last semester and graduate—I started law school in under a year and a half after the bleed.

Today, I have exceeded my own expectations. I am a member of the BC Law Review, and excited to have accepted an offer at Goulston & Storrs for this summer.

If it wasn’t for the scholarship I received, I would not have been able to come back to BC Law and start this new chapter in my life. I knew that the people in charge really did care for my well-being and would support me when I need it. I have been able to dedicate time to working hard and fully enjoying law school knowing that my financial situation was taken care of. Thanks to the scholarship, I will eventually be able to care for my family.

My immigrant family has always been a single, low-income household; with my father’s paranoid schizophrenia never enabling him to get a well-paying job, or keep a job—or be remotely successful in the U.S. Now, he’s finally medicated, but back in India, away from the family. My mom and 12-year-old sister live in Texas now, where again it is one income and one parent. They are the constant driving force behind everything I do in law school—they need me to be here. They need me to be successful—to help them be more successful. BC has been the best place to allow me to do that.

Though my family needs financial help, it is not the only defining factor in my law school journey. I could not imagine having a better law school experience anywhere else, where you find support from your faculty, staff, administration, and peers. At every turn, there has been a BC colleague ready to help me. Which—during my first year—I needed a lot of! All of my best mentors have all graduated from BC, and much of my success stems from their guidance and support. I sought and found support for all of my decisions in law school:

  • I interned at the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office last summer through the BBA’s Diversity and Inclusion program and with the South Asian Bar Association Fellowship.
  • This past semester, I interned at the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
  • I wrote my Comment last semester and my Note this semester as a 2L staff writer for Law Review.
  • I have hosted 12 events as President of the American Constitution Society, co-sponsoring with many other organizations across campus. Due to the hard work of many, our chapter received Chapter of the Week earlier this year, and I have been selected as a Next Generation Leader for ACS, and to interview for the Board of Directors as a student member.

It is through all these activities that I truly have grown as a budding lawyer. BC Law allows me to learn about the world from outside speakers and my fellow peers. We have great events that force us to think critically about the world that we live in, to challenge us, and how to make use of this great legal education we are getting. This is why I came to law school. This is what I endeavor to do. BC always strives to support that.

BC takes the time to make sure we all get together and learn from each other. People at BC truly care about the people whom they are forming, not just the lawyers. They urge all of us to be the best that we can be—not just by getting the best grades or best job or best network—but by digging deeper within ourselves to be the best person we can be. That has certainly always been my mission, and BC gives me the opportunity to do that.

I recently attended the Sidebar retreat, an all-paid, 24 hours away from law school—what more could anyone want, right? Besides the obvious enjoyments, we reflected on our experiences so far and discerned our future. It truly reminded me why I came to BC. The people here care. They want you to think, reflect, and discern. They challenge you to be a more thoughtful, better you.

That is what life is about.

That is what law school is about.

This… is what BC Law is about.

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