Yes, We go to School-Sponsored Social Events: Bar Review

It’s the second week of the semester and, more importantly, the week of the first Bar Review. It is conveniently, if confusingly, named “Bar Review” so that it sounds like you may be spending your Thursday evening studying for the Bar. Thankfully, it is really a night that the BC Law community takes over a local bar.

Bar Review is the perfect time to take a break and talk to some of your friends about something other than class. Unlike school-sponsored events in college that may have been sparsely attended, Bar Review is very well attended at BC Law.


Bar Review at Tavern in the Square 1L Year (2014)

Drink tickets are available to those who arrive early, making it socially acceptable, even encouraged, to show up on time.

Bar Review is a quintessential BC experience. Everyone is invited and many attend. It embodies the inclusive social atmosphere that I have felt for two years at BC Law. Bar Review is an opportunity to become better friends with your classmates outside of the classroom.

When so much of your life can become consumed with reading and studying, it is important to reserve some time for fun. Bar Review is also an excuse to get out of the Newton and Cleveland Circle area and get to know some other neighborhoods in Boston. Past Bar Reviews have been in Back Bay, the Financial District, the North End, and the South End. Venues have included Brahmin, the Draft, Central Wharf, Dillon’s, White Horse Tavern, Jerry Remy’s, Scholar’s, and the Greatest Bar.

So 1Ls, 2Ls and 3Ls alike, take a break from your reading, grab some classmates, and make your way to Baseball Tavern this Friday evening. Spending time together outside of class will make seeing each other in class that much more enjoyable!

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