Humans of BC Law: Laura and Bernard Zapata-Kim

LauraBernard USE THIS ONE.jpg

“We got married August 9th, 2014. We went to the Caribbean for three days, and then we came up to move in and go to orientation the next day. 1L year, we basically did everything together except go to class. We were both here that summer, and we realized that we both wanted the same thing: to go to a big firm and do corporate work. And then this past summer, our 2L summer, we were both in New York, and we’ll be going back there after graduation…with a baby! After 1L summer–after talking to a lot of attorneys about when they started trying to have a family and when you should have a family–we realized there really isn’t any perfect time other than when you want to have a child. We found out – actually, this is a fun story. You can put this in there. We found out that I was pregnant the day of law prom last year. And we were like, ‘How are we going to go to law prom? Everyone’s going to know!’ So we went, and I went up to the bartender right away and said, ‘So I’m going to be ordering gin and tonics from you all night, but you can only give me water.'”

Laura and Bernard are Double Eagles who met during their junior year as undergraduates, and will graduate from BC for a second time in May 2017.


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