Meet the Affinity Group Leaders: Dallas Taylor (BLSA)


 Dallas Taylor


2017 (2L)


Black Law Students Association (BLSA) Co-President

Undergraduate Institution:

University of Missouri- Kansas City

BA, Political Science

Experiences between college and law school: 

I took 3 years off after high school before going back to college. In that time I traveled with a music group and worked with a young adult leadership organization. After undergrad I went straight into law school.

Favorite event that your organization plans:

Culture shock. The event is amazing because it gives law students a candid opportunity to talk about social issues in a safe environment.

 Favorite event a different organization plans:

APALSA’s Lunar New Year banquet is a fun event with great food. It’s usually attended by many students.

Activities at BC Law (besides being in your organization)

Lambda Law Students Association (LGBT)

RA on the undergrad campus

Favorite class:

Corporations with Professor Quinn

Health Care Reform: ACA with Professor Chirba

Summer Employment:

1L – Judicial intern at Middlesex probate & family court / Research Assistant with Professor Wells

What will you do after graduation?

I hope to work at a firm in Boston or in-house for a company; preferably in health law.

Why law school?

Law School is one of the higher disciplines where I can expand my curiosity. My studies here are an extension of my curiosity because you can explore different disciplines and don’t have to be confined to the law itself.

Why BC Law? 

I was attracted by BC’s hallmark Jesuit tradition of discernment. That was important to me because I am able to choose my own path even though its not the same as my classmates. Essentially, I’m encouraged to mold a career out of my own niche interests and don’t feel pressured to follow a more “typical” legal path.

What most surprised you about BC Law when you got here?

Honestly, I’ve been really impressed with my classmates. Particularly, how smart and intelligent we all are. I’ve met so many people that have such unique experiences before law school (ex: white house employees, opera singers, etc). I fell like I’m in the company of really extraordinary people.

This new “Meet the” series introduces you to the diverse affinity student group leaders on campus. 

Dallas Taylor is a 2L at BC Law and the BLSA Co-President. Feel free to contact him with questions about his experience, BC Law, or law school in general. Comment here or send him an e-mail at

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