Meet the Ambassador: Rob Rossi

Name: Rob Rossiunnamed

Year: 3L (Class of 2016)

Undergraduate institution: Boston College, B.S. in Management with concentrations in Finance & Marketing, Class of 2013, graduated magna cum laude

Activities at BC Law (besides being an Ambassador):

Favorite class: Mergers & Acquisitions with Professor Quinn. Professor Quinn is extremely smart, experienced, and engaging without being intimidating. His course synthesizes elements from other business law classes at BC (such as Corporations, Securities Regulation, and Business Bankruptcy) and explains the intricacies of M&A through close analysis of deals making headlines right now. The class is excellent preparation for a career in transactional law.

Summer employment:
  • Summer Associate at Ropes & Gray in Boston (2L Summer)
  • Legal Intern at the Community Enterprise Clinic in the Boston College Legal Services LAB (1L Summer)

What will you do after graduation? I will return to Ropes & Gray as a full-time associate in the firm’s corporate department at the Boston office.

Why law school? I started working through LSAT practice problems and found myself enjoying them more than my business class assignments. I decided that I wanted to get a law degree and put it to use in a business context.

Why BC Law? When I was a senior at Boston College, my Resident Assistant was a second-year BC Law student. He introduced me to administrators, let me sit in on his classes, and walked me through the process that led him to an associate position at a large law firm in Boston. He had the type of job that I wanted, and he genuinely seemed to enjoy his law school experience. I couldn’t see a reason to pass up the opportunity to become a double Eagle.

What most surprised you about BC Law when you got here? The upperclassmen’s willingness to help 1Ls was something I totally underestimated. When I was a 1L, it felt as though every 2L or 3L that I met offered advice about the classes I was taking and the career path I wished to follow. That help was invaluable in landing the job I’ll have when I graduate.

Rob Rossi is a 3L at BC Law and a BC Law AmbassadorFeel free to contact him with questions about his experience, BC Law, or law school in general. Comment here or send him an e-mail at

Boston College Law Ambassadors is a newly launched program designed to enhance the on-campus experience for every prospective student who visits BC Law. The Ambassadors are thirty students who lead campus tours, help out at Admitted Students Day, and serve as a resource for applicants and admitted students who are considering enrolling at BC Law.

In support of this role, each Ambassador will be profiled on the Impact blog over the course of the school year. If you are a prospective student and notice something about any of our Ambassadors that you’d like to discuss with him or her – whether it’s a shared alma mater, an interesting extracurricular, or an appealing summer job – do not hesitate to reach out. After all, that’s what we’re here for!

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