On Campus: A Dialogue on Gun Rights & Gun Control (Audio)

As a 3L at BC Law, I am always impressed with our student body’s desire to engage each other on tough and important issues of law and society. Whether we are discussing matters of constitutional law, diversity and inclusion, corporate governance, criminal justice, health care, civil rights, or any number of issues, our student groups love to spark extracurricular debate and discussion.

One such group is the American Constitution Society, an organization dedicated to developing progressive leaders in the legal field. Yesterday, the BC Law chapter of the ACS hosted an event entitled “ACS: A Dialogue About Gun Control & Gun Rights” featuring Michael Ball ’18 and myself. This was a highly-structured dialogue that was intended to be educational, productive, and intellectually honest. Gun rights and gun policy are a sensitive issue, and our goal as a progressive student group was to make sure that we enter that policy sphere with as much education on the subject as possible.

Michael is a seven-year veteran of the Marine Corps infantry, where he spent part of his time in Afghanistan as an advisor to the Jordanian Armed Forces. Michael trained the Jordanian Armed Forces on machinegunnery, marksmanship, and infantry tactics. He has also worked as a firearms instructor since 2011, certified by the NRA and MSP, and he volunteers with a non-profit gun rights organization in MA. As an undergrad at UMass Amherst, Michael founded the UMass Amherst Gun Club and worked in the firearms industry during his summers.

Please excuse the audio quality.

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Sajid Shahriar is a 3L at BC Law. He is the Co-Chair of the Board of Student Advisors, Co-Chair of the LSA New Students Committee, and former Co-President of the BC Law Democrats. He really just likes to share chairs. Feel free to contact him with questions about his experience at BC Law, studying abroad in Paris, or law school in general. Comment here or send him an e-mail at sajid.shahriar@bc.edu.

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