Things I Wish I Knew, Vol. 13: Things I hope you’ve learned

Dear 1Ls,

First of all, how exciting is it that I can officially call you that? For so long, you were all “incoming 1Ls” or “almost 1Ls” or “soon-to-be 1Ls” and you finally made it! Tomorrow is the first day of your legal career (holy cow!) and I for one cannot thank you enough for letting me and every one of our talented BC Law Impact contributors be a part of your journey up to this moment.

I think I speak for all our contributors when I say that when we first started writing for the blog, we figured we would reach a couple dozen people — probably our friends and family who would click the links to humor us. But you truly have overwhelmed us, and certainly me, in the positive feedback for this pilot project. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to meet you all in person and to hear you say that you read one of my posts and how it helped you in such and such a way.

This is certainly not the end of Things I Wish I Knew, and now that you’ll be living through some of the experiences I’ve been blogging about for the past seven months, I hope you’ll email me or stop me in the hall and let me know of any topics you think we should cover. Remember that this blog is for current students, too. We have so much more ground to cover — now that we’ve come this far, we have to get you through 1L (and 2L and 3L!). And soon, we’ll have so many more incoming students that will be looking to you for help.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t offer some last minute advice — although, if you read carefully, it’s the same stuff I’ve been telling you all along and things hope you’ve learned along the way. I was feeling rather inspired by Dean Yen’s movie clips at the Class of 2018 orientation, so I’ll let some of my favorite movie characters relay the information:

Bill from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure:

Be Excellent

Dory from Finding Nemo:


And my personal favorite, Elle Woods in her graduation speech from Legally Blonde:

Legally Blonde

See you all out there! Good luck!

I’m 2L, but check out my posts about things I wish I knew as a 1L, from day one to the last exam. My inbox is always open so you can comment on here, or shoot me an email at 

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