Watch My Academic Advisor, Ray Madoff, Testify Before Congress on Repeal of Estate Tax

Watch Ray Madoff, my academic advisor and favorite Boston College Law School professor testify in Washington, D.C. before the Congressional Ways and Means Committee on the issue of repealing the nearly century-old Estate Tax. Although Congress is seriously considering the repeal, according to Madoff it would be a mistake, with far-reaching societal costs and negative repercussions.

Professor Madoff testifies in the video below at 10:52, 25:05 and 38:56, and she absolutely “kills it.” ‪#‎IAmBCLaw‬ ‪#‎ProudToBeALegalEagle‬ ‪#‎TrustsAndEstates‬‪ #‎TaxIsSexierThanYouThink‬

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