America, for a minute

Think it sounds a bit ridiculous? That’s because you’re not an Eagle (yet). Being a member of the BC Law community has been an amazing adventure with tremendous opportunities for growth, kinship, and self-discovery. As difficult as it was to leave that community and come to London, I imagined it would be even more difficult to not return for two of my favorite, spring BC Law events: Admitted Students Day; and, of course, LAW PROM!

For anyone other than a 1L (they’re a bit bitter about how much energy you pre-Ls have, and that you smile when talking about studying law) Admitted Students Day is absolutely awesome. For me, personally, Admitted Students Day is about bringing everything full circle, and giving back to a community that has time and again given so much to its students.

While I was back on campus this past weekend I was able to welcome many of you, sit in on a live Civil Procedure class with Prof. Spiegel, field some of your questions during a delicious lunch, give a tour of the law school, AND serve on a career services panel.

I bet you’re still scratching your head and thinking, but why? Why on Earth would I spend my entire Saturday at the law school when I only had a little over forty-eight hours to bop around the Commonwealth? It’s simple. It’s because I love BC Law. Because I still remember my Admitted Students Day. Because I still remember the young woman who stopped, smiled, and helped a nervous pre-L (read: ME) find his way to the yellow room for lunch that day.

It’s because I believe in cultivating and nurturing the incredible, collegiate atmosphere that BC Law students thrive in. Because I am BC Law. And I hope you will be too.

Click the link below to check out the video my good buddy Rob and I shot while I was in town. As always, feel free to post questions in the comment area or shoot me an e-mail at; hope to hear from some of you soon!

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