Seachanges and Drag Queens

With the current state of the world, Environmental Law is only going to get bigger. At BC Law, there’s no question that we’re at the tip of the spear on a number of pressing environmental legal initiatives. Our environmental law review, Environmental Affairs, is the second oldest and most subscribed such journal in the country. Our professors of environmental law are luminaries in their field. And our student run Environmental Law Society boasts a proud, longstanding tradition of meaningful social and academic engagement. This January, the Environmental Law Society made a trip down to Provincetown as part of its annual Winter Weekend excursion.

Winter Weekend is tough to capture. It’s part lecture series, part bonding adventure, and recently, part drag karaoke jam fest. Let me explain. For the last three years, the Environmental Law Society has journeyed down to P-Town, famous for that old Cape magic, not to mention the town’s established LGBT community.  Law students come to learn from great speakers, enjoy the best seafood, and croon a Journey song or two with the locally famous Dana Danzel II.

This year, we focused on the question of rising sea levels and coastline change, an extremely important issue that future generations will have to grapple with. Our speakers included the Superintendent of the National Seashore, a geophysicist from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, local harbor masters, local fishermen, and partners from a prominent regional environmental law firm. One of the local mainstays, an old salt joint called the Governor Bradford, served up a mean raw bar and fish fry. The night concluded with a lecture at Professor Plater’s home and the previously mentioned karaoke. Pictures are attached.

The upshot here is that BC Law continues to surprise. If you’re looking for a traditional law school, we have that. We’ve always had that. But we’re a force of modernity and change. Our community is vigorous, enlightened. Our students are the tire hitting the pavement. There’s no doubt that our community is Catholic in the very sense of the word: we are all embracing, in the scope of our legal engagement and the people that we engage with. We are BC.

DragKaraoke1 DragKaraoke11 IMG_0101 IMG_0108

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