Student Life: the APALSA Lunar Dinner

This weekend, the Asian and Pacific American Law Student Association (known as APALSA) hosted its annual dinner to celebrate the lunar new year. I didn’t get a chance to attend as a 1L, but heard amazing things, so I made it a priority to buy a ticket this year.

The dinner is held in Chinatown, which is in downtown Boston near a neighborhood called Back Bay, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. BC Law students pay $8 for an 8-course meal. Let me say that again: Eight dollars. Eight courses. As a human being who prioritizes eating above pretty much everything else, that kind of value for the money is my personal catnip. The food was fantastic, and the ambiance was on point, too.


The event sold out this year, as it does almost every year, and the thing that I really appreciated was that it brought together a whole host of people I hadn’t had the chance to meet before. BC Law is a close-knit community, and with around 250 students per year, it can feel like you know everyone in your class. Events like the Lunar Dinner are a great opportunity to both support one of BC Law’s many student groups, and to see new faces and meet students you may not have run into before.

I’m a 2L Public Service Scholar with a background in education and an interest in juvenile law. I’ll be blogging each week about public interest at BC, my experiences in our clinical program, and how I’m maintaining my (semi) sanity living in the Law School Bubble. Questions are always welcome! You can comment here, or e-mail me at  

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