BC Law Adds Four New Professors

BC Law students are eager for the arrival of four new professors next semester. Thomas W. Mitchell, Lisa T. Alexander, Jenna Cobb, and Felipe Ford Cole will be joining the faculty in the fall. Their scholarship ranges from property and community development reform to criminal justice and comparative legal history.   

I think we are very fortunate to be welcoming these talented professors. Personally, I am particularly interested in the property angle as it relates to environmental law and justice. I polled a few other students for their thoughts:

“The new scholars are exciting additions to our faculty and the BC Law community. With expertise on topics like housing and community development, I look forward to the various new course offerings they will contribute. Their presence will certainly enrich our learning experience.”

Ryan Kauer, 2L

“I think that it’s great to see Boston College Law School strive for a more diverse faculty base. Their impressive scholarship and expertise in property and community development law, legal history, and criminal justice will only further solidify BC’s history of academic excellence.”

David Julien, 2L

“I’m so excited to have this new cohort of professors at the law school because they will bring very important perspectives about what social justice can look like and what the law can do to achieve it. Professor Mitchell’s scholarship on property law will be particularly insightful for 1Ls entering law school unsure of the intersection of race and doctrinal courses. I’m also just super excited to try to get into Professor Alexander’s corps class next semester!”

Dhairya Bhatia, 2L

“These legal scholars bring a diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds to BC Law. It is a privilege to have them join our law school community, and I look forward to learning from their expertise.“

Christina Balli, 2L

Learn more about the new scholars here: https://lawmagazine.bc.edu/2022/03/four-scholars-join-bc-law/

Fiona Maguire is a second-year student at BC Law. Contact her at maguirfi@bc.edu.

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