Cementing Friendships on BC Law’s Annual Ski Trip

Guest blog By Kevin Winiarski

One of the first things my current roommate told me about social life at BC Law was the ski trip he went on as a 1L back in Winter 2020. Throughout my search for law schools, I had heard plenty of stories of BC’s bar reviews and the other opportunities he had to meet people and forge initial friendships. But in talking with both my roommate and his friends (now 3Ls), one theme almost unanimously emerged: “I didn’t really know my friends until we went on ski trip.”

And it wasn’t just as a 0L that I heard this sentiment. This year, one our way home from Killington, I asked a 3L friend how Ski Trip 2022 compared to its 2020 edition. Her response, in a nutshell, was that the two trips were “different, but in a good way.” The first time around was an experience that truly molded the friendships that would characterize her remaining two years at BC; the second, meanwhile, was a culmination of those friendships and a chance to let loose after having so many social opportunities of the preceding two years marred by COVID-19.

Though as a 2L my perspective is not exactly the same—I did not have a 1L ski trip to compare this year’s to—I can clearly see now how integral the trip is to the student body’s holistic experience as BC Law students. Sure, we’ve had bar reviews this year and I don’t doubt that 1Ls and 2Ls have developed friendships through their classes and study groups. But I don’t think there can be any substitute for a big group trip where so much of the school travels and celebrates together in a setting like Killington.

Perhaps the most striking quality I can take from the trip is the sense of camaraderie that permeates throughout the group of students who make the trek to Killington. The sense of anticipation and excitement for the trip could be gleaned from just a short stroll through the Yellow Room during the week leading up. “Are you going on ski trip” was almost the only thing I was asked about for weeks in advance.

I couldn’t help but be somewhat jealous of seeing all of the 1Ls on the trip having such a great time, as I wish I could have had the same opportunity that they did to solidify the friendships built during fall semester. I was lucky enough as a 1L to form friendships with many of my roommate’s (at the time) 2L friends, and I have continued to be lucky to develop those friendships even in light of an isolated and strange first year at BC. And yet even after 72 hours in Vermont I feel that I know many of my friends so much better than I did before. I learned things about my friends that I don’t think I would have had we merely gone to Tavern in the Square on a random Thursday night.

Though I’ll never get the chance to have my own 1L experience in Killington, if I can learn things about people I’ve been friends with for 18 months, I cannot imagine how much better the current 1Ls know their friends than they did before. And I know that the stories that emerge from Ski Trip weekend are the ones that BC Law students will reminisce about for years to come.

Kevin Winiarski is a second-year student at BC Law. Contact him at winiarke@bc.edu.

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