A Reminder on Feelings Post-Finals

It is that time of year again. 

While finals week always seems to creep up on me, I still find myself making the same unpleasant preparations at this time every year. I have deleted social media apps on my phone that I typically spend way too much time on, stocked up on coffee and snacks, and have told my friends and loved ones not to bother me for the next few weeks. 

As I have begun to delve into yet another round of days studying followed by a sequence of hours-long tests, I find myself clinging on to the idea that this will all be over soon–that I just have to get through the next couple of weeks and then I can enjoy that post-finals joy.  

So, as a reminder to myself that this is all temporary, or maybe just some needed motivation to continue on, I have collected a few students’ thoughts on their feelings post-finals. Enjoy and good luck everyone!

“Finishing my Torts final after my first semester of 1L was a surreal moment. On the one hand, you feel this empty space where all the anxiety and stress has been since reading period. On the other, you feel this need to do something extraordinary to celebrate. Despite being the scariest, that first finals period was my favorite, because after it was done I got to be with all the other 1Ls who struggled with me along the way. Even as a 2L, I think about that feeling of camaraderie a lot, and I can’t wait to have that experience again (hopefully) next year.”

— Taylor Comerford, 2L

“Before I took my finals last semester, I felt unprepared, unstable, and unrighteous. I felt as though the only thing left to do was to get right with god. But upon completing my final 7 hour torture session, I felt liberated. Free. Reborn. Either BC did indeed prep me for the struggles forthcoming, or the lord smiled upon me. I guess we shall never know.” 

— Kennedy Cameron, 1L

“After my last final, I feel really still and almost numb. After weeks of stress and adrenaline, it feels like I can finally breathe again!”

— Laura Robinson, 2L

“I am always just relieved that I can finally do stuff I want to do. I also usually order a ton of really greasy food to comfort the soul.”

— Ross Budryk, 2L

“Normally, I would feel a sense of relief and freedom. However, this time around, while it will be exciting to graduate, I think I will feel a sense of bittersweet. The last three years have flown by and I will miss it here at BC Law. I would also be naive not to mention my feelings of anxiety for the bar exam.”

— Morgan Lam, 3L

“During finals, sleep is for the weak. After finals, sleep is for the week.”

— Daniel McLaughlin, 2L

Devon Sanders is a second-year students and vice president of the Impact blog. Reach her at sanderdd@bc.edu.

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