Introducing Just Law: A Podcast

I am pleased to announce the launch of Boston College Law School’s podcast Just Law

I am 1L Tom Blakely and will be hosting the show alongside 3Ls Lea Silverman and Kevin O’Sullivan, and fellow 1L and Section 3er (the best section) Joanna Plaisir. 

We are very much appreciative of our tremendously talented editor and producer 3L Mark Grayson, and the institutional support from Boston College, specifically Director of Marketing and Communications Nate Kenyon.

We also thank BC Law for providing professional studio space and equipment for the show. In normal times, we would be recording in the studio, but due to COVID-19 and limitations on the number of people within an indoor space, we will be temporarily recording via Zoom.

Just Law, conceived and executed by Boston College Law School students, approaches the law, government, business, and the important issues of our time through a student-focused lens. Through interviews, student spotlights, and insights into the law school experience, as well as humor and conversation, Just Law reads between the lines, and brings you the stories and prominent figures shaping our world, and attempting to answer the big questions, while having fun at the same time.

Just Law seeks to ask the right questions, strive for answers, and search for opportunities to impact the community and the world. 

However, in an era of such cacophony and divisiveness, Just Law strives to also be a level-headed and light-hearted outlet, and not take ourselves too seriously. We want to foster conversations with our peers and classmates and members of our community outside of the classroom.

In episode 1, the team welcomes listeners to Just Law, interviews the BC Law Director of Advocacy Programs and the Negotiation Competition winners, and brings you our first Student Spotlight. 

In episode 2, we interview Newton City Councilor Emily Norton on operating government during COVID-19, we talk to constitutional law scholar and BC Law Professor Kent Greenfield, and bring you our second Student Spotlight. 

With high ambitions, an open mind, and a learned hand, I want to welcome you to our show. You can find it on all your favorite podcast platforms.

Visit the Just Law Website

Listen on Spotify

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