A Brand New Year, a Brand New Me: Resolutions for Law Students

Winter break is a blur in law school. Finals followed immediately by the holidays, and before you know it, you’re back at the bookstore buying books for the spring semester.

Especially during that first year – when your life virtually revolves around school – there is so little “me time” left to recharge and reflect on personal/professional goals for the New Year.


My resolution for 2020 is passing the bar exam on my first try. I am going to pretend that spotting a family of black swans brings good luck (because I need lots of it).

“Getting better grades” may be an obvious goal for 1L spring, but you only have so much control over that curve!

What would be some other solid “law school resolutions” for 2020? Here are a few personal goals my peers are focusing on this semester:

“I want to try and read over my notes from earlier in the semester more often, so when concepts start to build up on each other it will all feel more familiar.”
–Jenna Johnson ’22

“Definitely to bring coffee from home in a reusable mug. That was I can save the planet and my wallet.”
–Alex Briody ’22

“I am switching up my note-taking strategy this semester and handwriting my notes.”
–Devon Sanders ’22

“I think my New Years resolution is to get to school earlier so I can get a better parking spot.”
–Selin Altintas ’22

“My resolution is to stay in the library after class and get more of my work done earlier. That way when I get home in the evening I can relax and not think about school.”
–Caroline Gelinne ’22

“Honestly, eat fewer Legal Grounds muffins.”
–Rekha Korlipara ’22

Good luck everyone – make it happen!

Jae Lee is a third-year student. He loves to hear from readers. Email him at leecot@bc.edu.

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