These are a few of my favorite things

Yesterday was a day of celebration for me and my fellow 1Ls. It was the day that the writing competition was due. It was the day that we could finally embrace summer.

While all of us are understandably eager to have a break from school, I always like to leave a little room for nostalgia. Below are a few anecdotes that I gathered from my 1L friends about their favorite memories from this year, to remind us of what made our first year of law school so special. Enjoy!

“My favorite memory this year was when Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan came to speak. I had been wondering whether what we were learning in our classes was going to be useful in the real world, and to hear Justice Kagan talk about the impact that her 1L legal writing class had on her was really cool. It reassured me that what I’m learning in my 1L year does matter.” (Anna Sanders)

“One of my favorite memories was the study break Professor Lyons organized for our section right before Christmas. It was a great reminder of the community we have at BC Law, especially during the stress of exams.” (Katy Droumbakis)

“I really enjoyed seeing the growth in myself and my classmates this year: how much legal knowledge we gained, how we learned to articulate our ideas, and how we think more critically about different issues.” (Brittany Morrison)

“My favorite memory of 1L year was our last Torts class with Professor McMorrow, and how her husband came dressed as Santa. I appreciated how Professor McMorrow was trying to motivate us to study hard for our very first finals at law school by simply reminding us of why we are working so hard in law school. It was so inspiring!” (Ji-Su Park)


 Venus Chui is a rising 2L at BC Law and the incoming president of the Christian Legal SocietyFeel free to contact her with questions about her experience, BC Law, or law school in general. Comment here or send her an e-mail at

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